There are more than a mere 11 reasons to visit Dubai, but that’s about all we can manage in detail in our blog for today!

Still, there are 11 fantastic reasons why you absolutely, most definitely, must visit Dubai, and at the very earliest at that. We’re pushing you towards the best fun that any one place can offer you in our world, so that must make you happy.

So let’s move on and start listing our best 11 reasons for why you should visit Dubai.

11 of Dubai’s Golden Recommendations

1. Experience the Dubai Desert

Dubai Desert, Reasons Why You Should Visit DubaiBefore all the skyscrapers and the businesses and the global shopping venues, Dubai was just desert. That’s what most people don’t realize; that everything we’re seeing now is just the product of 40 odd years, after oil was discovered.

So head out to the desert and enjoy a typical desert safari. There is the Morning Desert Safari, Afternoon Desert Safari, Evening Desert Safari and Overnight Desert Safari.

The desert safari is one of the top reasons to visit Dubai for many people!

2. Experience the Unique Architecture

Burj Al Arab, Reasons Why You Should Visit Dubai

Burj Al Arab

Even if it’s something as unoriginal as a museum, Dubai is not happy to construct a regular building. Dubai always aspires to take on building projects that will inspire the world.

You can see that when you look at the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, and the Burj Al Arab, the tallest hotel in the world and the Museum of the Future, one of the most futuristic constructions this world has seen yet.

Drive around Dubai and gaze in awe at its inspiring architecture and be sure to keep your camera primed to capture Dubai’s scintillating skyline.

3. Experience The Ultimate In An Island Holiday

Palm Jumeirah, Reasons Why You Should Visit Dubai

Palm Jumeirah

The Palm Jumeirah is a superb manmade archipelago that is primed for beach vacations. There are several top-tier luxury villas in the Palm Jumeirah Islands, coupled with spas and luxury resorts.

It’s the ideal destination if you’re in the mood for a relaxing holiday at an international beach resort. Consider this – the weather is always warm, the waters are wonderfully tepid and turquoise blue, there’s no fear of sudden rains or storms, and it’s you and the wonderful beach and the best of international-quality amenities and great food.

What more could you ask for?

4. Gold, Gold Everywhere!

How can there be so much gold in any one place? And not some pale-looking 14 carat gold either.

This is 24 carat pure gold, the richest hue of gold that sparkles and shines and glitters and holds your gaze fixed to it. You’ll never see this much gold anywhere else, so best keep that camera ready.

Golden Souk, Reasons Why You Should Visit Dubai

Golden Souk

Visit the gold souks of Bur Dubai, Souq Madinat, Dubai Mall, Emirates Mall and other shopping venues to really come to grips with the fact that the Middle East is all about gold.

5. Incredible Cultural Diversity

Other cities around the world like New York and London are merely culturally diverse, but Dubai takes cultural diversity to a whole new level.

Here, the cultural diversity is fit for an anthropological study on the subject. Approximately 85% of Dubai’s population are expats, come here from every other country on the planet. This gives you a level of cultural interaction and intermingling that’s an anthropologist’s dream come true.

When you travel to Dubai, it’s like traveling to every other place on earth, because there are people here from every culture.

6. Sunset View From The Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa Dubai, Reasons Why You Should Visit Dubai

Burj Khalifa Dubai

You’ve read about the Burj Khalifa, probably more than you’d like to. You’ve even see it featured in a number of videos.

However, there’s nothing to compare the actual experience with. When you stand on the observatory deck of the 148th floor in the evening and watch that absolutely magnificent, spell-binding sunset on the distant horizon, you’ll understand.

There’s no experience on earth that can match that unmatched view, as there is only one Burj Khalifa. The sunset view from the Burj Khalifa is so spectacular, you’ll want to obtain your Dubai visit visa just for this purpose.

7. Incredible Nightlife

Night life dubai, Reasons Why You Should Visit Dubai

Dubai, like New York, doesn’t sleep at night. There are plenty of things to do in Dubai at night, and the party goes on all hours.

Dubai is the perfect place for a transit break, as people can spend either the day or the night here and enjoy the attractions. Special night tours are available for people who want to see the city in all its glory at night.

Right from the musical operas of Madinat Jumeirah, to the singing fountains of Dubai to the Burj Khalifa to Bollywood Parks, Dubai wears a star-studded atmosphere at night.

Plus, the city’s night clubs and bars are open all night, so the fun never stops!

8. The Magical Miracle Gardens

Dubai Miracle Garden, Reasons Why You Should Visit Dubai

Where else can you find vibrant, incredible sculptures made out of flowers in the world? Dubai, of course!

Dubai Miracle Gardens are rife with incredible flower sculptures of world leaders, landmarks, cartoon characters, heart-shaped arches, to a full-sized Emirates airplane. These arrangements change season to season, so keep abreast of what’s going on at the Dubai Miracle Gardens.

9. Hot Air Balloon Ride over the Arabian Desert

hot air balloon dubai, Reasons Why You Should Visit Dubai

Far removed from Dubai’s glitter and glamour but still only just a short drive away, the Arabian Desert beckons with its age-old mysticism.

Experience the true beauty of the desert via a magical hot air balloon ride. Float over the heart of the desert, silently drifting over a never-ending ocean of sand dunes glittering with tiny pieces of mica. Admire the emerald green oases as they pass by and follow the wandering oryx and gazelles and camels with your camera. Wait for that moment when the sun breaks over the distant Hajar Mountains and gives you the best sunrise for your money.

10. Skydiving Over The Palm Jumeirah Islands

Skydiving Dubai, Reasons Why You Should Visit Dubai

Jumping out of the blue, blue skies of Dubai on top of the spectacular Palm Jumeirah Islands is a spectacular thing to do. Here you’ll be flying at a height of 13,000ft, with the Palm Jumeirah laid out in its lovely palm shape way below you.

As you jump out, in tandem with your guide or on your own, you’ll have the most incredible view of Dubai’s skyline outlined against the city’s incredibly blue sky, with not a cloud in sight.

11. Experiencing the Food Capital of the World!

Dubai Street food, Reasons Why You Should Visit Dubai

The city is a bespoke foodie’s heaven, and not doubt about it. There’s a representation of every culture in the world in Dubai, and obviously every culture’s cuisine as well.

You can forget your fast-food outlets and focus on eating excellent food from a plethora of cuisines – Japanese, Korean, Pakistani, Indian, Iranian, Afghani, Chinese, Emirati, Moroccan and many, many more.

Visit Dubai when the annual Food Festival takes place in February and you’ll want to stay in this city forever!

Flights to Dubai

Depending on where you fly from, there are many flights that go to Dubai:

In case you need a transit hotel in the Dubai airport, Dubai Airport Hotel is a great choice.

With such a diverse population, there is a spectacular range of cultural events that are celebrated all over the city. If you’re in Dubai during November, don’t miss the Diwali celebrations. Christmas and Halloween and Thanksgiving and other cultural festivals are also celebrated with great pomp here.

And if you’re truly going to visit Dubai, these quirky facts about Dubai that you should know before visiting will surely blow your mind away!


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