If you’ve read my earlier post about me contracting chickenpox and saying goodbye to Maldives, you’d know how much I love a beach getaway and how I cried over this once-in-a-lifetime (but missed) opportunity.

For now, I can only admire these 10 gorgeous beaches from around the world and hope that someday, I may get to visit them.

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1. Natural Pool on the Eastern Side of Aruba

natural pool aruba

On a deserted stretch of coastline, with no buildings in sight in the tropical paradise of Aruba, surrounded by jagged rocks are walls that surround a natural pool. Frothy waves crash over one wall and fill the pool like a perfectly poured draft beer. The waters surprisingly refreshing. Not too hot, not too cold. There is an assortment of tropical fish in the pool, a reprieve from the rough oceans on the east side of Aruba.
– Mitchell from The Unexpected Journey

Swimsuit from Macy’s.

2. Playa Del Duque in South Tenerife, Canary Islands

Playa Del Duque, South Tenerife, Canary Islands

When I first saw this beach I moved a mile away to a different world. Small enough to make you feel intimate. Hidden little paradise. Left me speechleess with its warm, baby blue waters, tropical flowers, palm trees all around and soft golden sands. Perfect spot for an evening stroll and watching the sunset. I would easily consider this beach Europe’s version of Caribbeans.
– Dominika from @theblondeflamingo

Bikini from Triangl.

3. Dog Island in San Blas Islands, Panama

Dog Island, San Blas Islands, Panama

Not a major tourist destination yet, the San Blas Islands are a collection of 365 islands – one for every day of the year. The local Kuna people welcome tourists to their islands and have managed to retain their unique culture and heritage in the modern world.

Sleeping in a simple beach hut cooled by the ocean breeze, the islands are tiny and you can walk across most of them in less than a minute. The water is the perfect shade of turquoise with pristine white sand beaches, palm trees and in the case of Dog Island, a shipwreck just off the shore. Days are blissfully spent snorkelling, suntanning or simply enjoying the beautiful Caribbean views.
– Ashlyn

Bikini from Old Navy.

4. Grande Soeur in Seychelles

Jurga - Full Suitcase - Seychelles

Grande Soeur is a private island in the Seychelles allowing a small number of day visitors. It’s an exceptional place with an amazing pristine beach, tall palm trees, impressive granite boulders, and giant turtles roaming around. It’s an island with the very best of the Seychelles in one place.
– Jurga from FullSuitcase.com

5. Sai Nuan Beach I in Koh Tao, Thailand

Sai Nuan Beach I, Koh Tao, Thailand

This beach is a secluded little wonderland! The sand really is that white, the water really is that blue, and there are so many activities on offer that don’t even cost a dime to enjoy.

There are palm swings to take you back to your childhood, there is slack-lining to practice, and if you bring your own snorkel there is a beautiful reef just off shore. The effort of finding this place is well worth the rewards it offers when you finally get here!The shell is courtesy of the Gulf of Thailand, and my bikini is by Kaiami, from City Beach in Australia.
– Tara from ShaTaraTravel.com

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6. Presqu’Ile de Quiberon in Brittany, France

Presqu’Ile de Quiberon, Brittany, France

I visited the beach at Presqu’Ile de Quiberon, Brittany, France with my boyfriend and some of his friends at the end of April earlier this year. What made the experience so magical was that it was the first time I saw the sea in around 5 months. The weather had been pretty bad in Paris (where I live) for the past week and so travelling to Brittany allowed me my first glimpse of the sun in seven days. Having grown up near the sea, I’m always excited to be back…
– Sophie from Solo Sophie

Bikini from Urban Outfitters

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7. Palamós, in Costa Brava, Catalonia, Spain

Palamós, Costa Brava, Catalonia, Spain

The Costa Brava is the north section of the Catalan coast (North-East of Spain) and its name (“brave”) is linked to the shape of the coast, where mountains reach the Mediterranean sea, and the force of the sea during northern and easthern winds. It’s absolutely one of the best areas to enjoy the sea. Costa Brava combines both sand beaches attached to touristic cities (e.g., Palamós, L’Estartit, Empuriabrava) and hidden inlets within the cliffs that one can reach by foot or by sea. Renting a kayak and reaching a desert inlet to have a relaxing bath while observing and listening the sea is one of my favourite days when visiting the Costa Brava.
– Esther from Trip To Adventure

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8. Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Punta Cana’s beaches are paradise. The soft white sand and clear blue water are picturesque, lined with palm trees along the shore. A local told me that it’s actually illegal to cut down more than a small percentage of palm trees each year! The hot year-round temperature and warm water temperature are a perfect combination for tan lines and great vibes.
– Lyssie from She Went To Spain

9. Fort Myers Beach in Florida, USA

Fort Myers Beach, Florida, USA.

The beach is a paradise because the weather is beach weather all year long and the water is like bath water. There are plenty of casual beach bars where no shirts and no shoes means no problems. The fine, powdery sand is a pleasure to lay in even without a towel. The sun sets over the Gulf of Mexico and every night, each sunset tops the previous night’s sunset.
– Lyssie from She Went To Spain

Bikini from Victoria’s Secret.

10. Kahana Beach in Maui, Hawaii

Kahana Beach, Maui, Hawaii

I love it because it’s relatively uncrowded and peaceful. The sand is soft, the water colours are divine, it’s interesting to watch the clouds crest the small island across the way, but best of all is that sea turtles cruise the shoreline all the time. The water is so crystal-clear that I can watch them even from the balcony on the 12th floor of our condo!
– Shara from SKJ Travel

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It amazes me how some travellers can reach the ends of the world and discover such hidden paradises. What’s one hidden paradise you’ve been?

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