The year-end holidays are fast approaching and I know many of you, including me, are itching to get on the next flight out!

As I was browsing through Facebook, an article caught my eye –

“Have the best road trip of your life!”

I’ve done a road trip in New Zealand in the winter of May 2016, and had the best time of my life! The 4 of us were huddling in the warmth of a camper van, cooking at the back of our van before the sun sets and going to places public buses will never take you.

Rent Campervan New Zealand Road trip

Great weather calls for eating outdoors!

Then came a road trip idea, and I thought, what better way to have a road trip other than in beautiful Australia? ‘Tis the season to grab your family or friends and get ready for a road trip adventure like no other.

There are plenty of sights and scenery in the country down under. As you move out of the city, you’ll notice the great hills, canyons and rocky terrains that are characteristic of Australia. Drive past the beautiful coastlines, and occasionally you might bump into cute wild animals along the road too.

The best part about road-trippin’? The flexibility! Spotted a wild squirrel or a kangaroo? Crossed a mighty viewing point? You can stop wherever and whenever you want, and also stay away from tourist traps and take the road less travelled.

When you’re in Australia, there’s no way you can do without a road trip. Just remember to plan it well.Here are some popular Australian road trip ideas for you to embark on!

Australia’s Best Road Trip Ideas

1. Great Southern Touring Route (Melbourne, Australia)

12 apostles great ocean road melbourne australia

The famous 12 Apostles at Apollo Bay.

Over 840km or 522 miles long, the Great Southern Touring Route brings you to some of the best sights you can find in Australia, starting from Melbourne.

Bask in the beauty of the Great Ocean Road as you drive past the beaches, coastlines and other picturesque stops. This is THE road trip to go on if you’re in Melbourne.

Along the way, you’ll be greeted by amazing places of interests such as:

  • Apollo Bay (where you can see the 12 Apostles)
  • Torquay Beach (home to a great surfing culture)
  • Bells Beach (another great surfing location)
  • Scenic lookouts and wildlife (that’s right, the kangaroos!)

It’s a long trip, but one that is filled with lots of view and excitement. Check out more about it here!

If not, how about a Melbourne to Perth road trip?

2. Red Centre Way (Alice Springs, Australia)

road trip australia sydney melbourne pacific coast

An endless road trip in Australia’s Outback.

Another adventurous route that you can take is the amazing Red Centre Way, starting from Alice Springs and ending at Uluru. You can also do it the other way round.

The Red Centre Way route is perfect for nature lovers. At each turn, you’ll be surrounded by glorious natural formations that you can’t help but gape at.

You can stop by various viewing points for a close up view that you can’t get anywhere else. Don’t be stunned if there are wild animals frolicking all around you!

This long route, approximately 690km or 428 miles in distance, spans across various places in the Northern Territory. Some of them include:

  • Uluru (home to the world-famous Ayers Rock)
  • Alice Springs (a historical city in Australia)
  • Kings Canyon (part of Watarrka National Park)
  • Kata Tjuta (plenty of great rock formations all around)

Get more information regarding this route here. You won’t regret it!

3. Pacific Coast Touring Route (Queensland, Australia)

Great barrier reef australia Pacific Coast Touring Route roadtrip

Diving in Great Barrier Reef

Experience the most of Queensland, Australia through a road trip on the Pacific Coast Touring Route. The Pacific Coast Touring Route will bring you through some of the most eye-dropping sights along the Eastern border.

Stretching from Brisbane to Cairns, with scenic views of the Great Barrier Reef along the coastline, a journey on this route is one that promises you plenty of delightful sights on the road.

Some of the majestic attractions and sights that you can expect to see here includes:

  • Great Barrier Reef (no way you’re missing this!)
  • Magnetic Island Beach (walk on the soft, white sand)
  • Hinchinbrook National Park (the biggest national park in Australia)
  • Mon Repos (home to beautiful manta rays and turtles)

Driving through this route would take approximately 6 to 7 days, and you can take even more time if you want to enjoy it even more.

4. The Legendary Pacific Coast Touring Route (Sydney, Australia)

surfing australia bondi beach byron bay sydney road trip

Surfing on Byron Bay.

If you like seeing green patches of trees and rainforests, coupled with several pretty beaches, this is the route for you.

The Legendary Pacific Coast Touring Route brings you through some of the best places on the eastern border, starting from Brisbane down south to Sydney, a city that is one of the biggest and most popular in Australia. Can’t deny that Sydney has awesome cafes to indulge in either!

Along the way, be entertained by:

  • Hunter Valley (home to many amazing breweries)
  • Port Stephens (a rustic town along the coast)
  • Byron Bay (a popular beach for surfing and scuba diving)
  • Gold Coast (a famous metropolitan region, home to many great attractions)

This route will also take approximately about 7 days, depending on how fast you go (but don’t! You’d want to stop and admire the beauty all around you!). Find out more about the route here.

There is also another option to drive from Melbourne to Sydney.

Driving in Australia

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The best way to see all of these, and possibly the only way, is definitely by renting a car.

Get a car that can comfortably accommodate all of your friends and/or families that are with you on your road trip, as the journey can last as long as over a week.

Take a look at the range of cars offered by the various car rental companies, such as Europcar, and you can pamper yourself to a car of your choice, based on factors like cost, fuel efficiency and model, apart from others. You can also give buying a widely used second hand car in Australia a try, too.

With so many car rental companies across Australia, no doubt it would take some researching to finally settle on one.

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