Getting to Outrigger Konotta Maldives

Getting to Outrigger Konotta Maldives is no easy feat, which made our experience at Outrigger all the more precious. Situated at one of the most southern point of Maldives at Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll, the journey from Male airport to Outrigger consists of a one-hour plane ride and 30-minutes ride with their luxury yacht. 2-way transfer from the international airport is valued at USD490.

You might think that since everywhere in Maldives requires a boat ride, which is no more than being transported on a speed boat, why the need for fancy names like “luxury yacht”?

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Well, because we weren’t fooled at all. We really were escorted in a yacht unlike any other. From the point we touched down at the domestic airport, we were promptly met with an Outrigger staff who escorted us to a buggy and then to the yacht. Throughout our entire Outrigger experience, we were very well taken care of in the hands of Outrigger. There was not one time where we had to figure out directions on our own.

The most welcoming sight was seeing so many Outrigger staff stand by the jetty to greet us as our boat approached. As the jetty came into view, we noticed them waving at us, and we couldn’t help but feel the warm hospitality emanating from Outrigger. We knew we were in good hands.


Welcoming us with a necklace made of handmade palm leaves, we took turns to say hello to the resort manager, general manager, front office manager, as well as several of the Marketing & Reservations team. Til date, I remember fondly of how they personally welcome guests and wave goodbye when we left. It just goes to show how much they value their Outrigger guests.

Do note that the time zone at Outrigger is GMT+6 instead of GMT+5 where the rest of the country works on, so that means one less hour to immerse in the Outrigger experience. 🙁

Checking in to Outrigger Konotta Maldives


Open in August 2015 with a 142-strong staff base, Outrigger is one of the newest resorts in Maldives. Stepping into the property, we couldn’t help but notice the white, turquoise and brown colour palettes that surround the entire Outrigger property.

This property is well-received by the Asian market, with the Chinese and Korean being two of the largest markets that they serve. With a focus on honeymoon and family travel, guests generally stay for an average of 4-5 days to make full use of the facilities available at Outrigger.

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Outrigger Konotta Maldives’ Room


There are 53 villas spanning 4 categories in the entire Outrigger property in Maldives:

21 Beach Pool Villas for 2, from USD665
21 Ocean Pool Villas for 2, from USD889 (Overwater)
8 Two-Bedroom Beach Pool Villas for 4, from USD1512
2 Lagoon Pool Villas (Overwater)
1 Grand Konotta Villa for a maximum of 6 adults and 4 children, from USD 3199 (Overwater)

All rooms have their very own private pool and outdoor rain showers.

Beach Pool Villa

outrigger konotta maldives champagne beach villa welcome

What greeted us as we unlocked our door to our Beach Villa with the access card was a table full of fresh fruits, macarons, chocolates and a bottle of champagne in the living room. Talk about warm hospitality! As if we weren’t in our best spirits already.

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Continuing down the hallway is our minibar with complimentary TWG tea sachets and coffee, as well as an assortment of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

The oversized bathroom in Maldives’ resorts is the epitome of luxury. With side-by-side sinks, a round bathtub, a dressing table and an outdoor rain shower, we could easily take forever for our daily grooming duties. 🙂

Our king bed was embellished with the words “welcome” with leaves and flowers, making this large 211-square-metre villa all the more homely. With the natural light falling between the fabric of the sheer curtains through the floor-to-ceiling windows, our villa looks even more spacious than ever.

Distracted by the view outdoors, I hurriedly pry open the doors that lead to our private beach. Who could resist not checking out the patio in front of the bed that leads to the beautiful Maldivian waters?

This view that was in front of me was spellbinding.

I found the very reason why I flew to Maldives for. To witness the beautiful shades of blue, to feel the burn of the sun’s rays on my back.

My line of sight traced the horizon that was darkened with the depth of the ocean. I follow the trough and crest of a wave, leading me back ashore. I watch how the colours of blue turn light, and then turquoise in colour. As the waves wash ashore, they turn into baby foams that dot the beach, just so ephemerally.

This constant ebb and flow of the turquoise waves is hypnotising.

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​The highlight of our Beach Villa would have to be the private pool for sure. L-shaped in size, the 4.8 metre outdoor pool features a mini jacuzzi on one end and a mini waterfall from the other. It is too small for any real swimming to be done, but a great way for some mischievous water fights with your other half. We went on to cool off after a morning of tanning by the sun deck upstairs – yes, they have a second floor!

The villa also comes with a open-concept wardrobe and auto light sensors along the stairs.

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Two-Bedroom Beach Pool

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Grand Konotta Villa

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The one and only Grand Konotta Villa sits at the outermost corner of the jetty, with its very own private infinity pool. With 3 bedrooms, it is almost 3 times the size of the rest of the other villas in Outrigger Konotta Maldives.

Outrigger Konotta Maldives’ Water Sports

After settling down in our villa, little did we know what was in store for us. We were promptly escorted to the water sports centre shortly, filled in our particulars and took our weight.

What’s going on?

They later revealed to us that they had arranged a boat for us to do parasailing on the fringe of the property. That’s 15 minutes of basking in the full view of Outrigger Konotta from above. Who needs drones when you can be physically up in the air?! We were bubbling with excitement.

Since we were fairly light, the wind was pretty much doing its job lifting us up, while the engine sat idle. While I’d done parasailing in Bali where I took off from the beach, this was done from the boat. There was zero chance of us getting wet.

The videos and photos that we took from above of the Outrigger property are mesmerizing.

We were immortalised in the moment, with the realisation that we are living our Maldives dream.

Dining at Outrigger Konotta Maldives

The Outrigger Breakfast

Breakfast served at Blue Salt is either buffet-style or a la carte.

Bakery Bird Cage was recommended by the staff, and we were excited to see how it turned out. True to their word, it had a very unique plating style. Each bird cage served a combination of 3 different types of pastries, including pancakes and waffles.

The Outrigger Lunch

We were honoured to have lunch with Chris, Outrigger’s Executive Chef at Blue Salt. He manages a team of 25 chefs across the two restaurants in Outrigger, including Blue Salt and their Japanese teppanyaki grill and raw bar, Nala Rah.

Born and honed in UK, he was previously at Six Senses in Vietnam before coming aboard recently to give Outrigger Konotta Maldives’ food menus a facelift. We are excited about the changes he intends to make for the coming months ahead!


Australian Lamb Burger

Australian Lamb Burger

We had a really hearty meal, with the salads whetting our ravenous appetite. Normally not a fan of burgers, I found the bun crispy and the lamb, juicy, thereby adding different textures to a simple dish.

Everything on the menu is handmade, even the cut fries. Ingredients are imported from all over the world, and it was only with our conversation with Chef Chris that we learned how challenging it is to import ingredients to an offshore island and still keep them fresh. It’s not just all about cooking tasty food – chefs have to take into account logistical challenges too!

Amenities at Outrigger Konotta Maldives


The property houses a gym, a boutique shop, their very own Outrigger Navasana spa, and even a 24-hour clinic!

Their dive and water sports centre offers a variety of water sports such as stand-up paddle board, windsurfing, wake boarding and surfing. You can also get your dive certification in-house.

To cater to the families, they also have a kids club where their dedicated staff can keep children entertained all day long with a pool, games, movies, playground and more.

outrigger konotta maldives friendly hospitality service

It’s a pity that day visits to Outrigger are not available. That is understandable, considering the long distance from Maldives international airport in Male to Outrigger Konotta Maldives, but this also means that in-house guests get more exclusivity and privacy within the island.

Truly, we have experienced the Outrigger spirit of warmth and kindness. It has been such a pleasure working and speaking with the Outrigger family, from arranging pre-departure arrangements to the actual experience in the resort itself.

Founded in Hawai‘i by Roy and Estelle Kelley, Outrigger Resorts built a stellar global reputation through unwavering standards of service and the promise to share the spirit of Aloha with the world. This commitment is alive and well at Outrigger’s 40 unique properties, and has become known to both its loyal customers and long-term staff as Ke’Ano WA’a – “The Outrigger Way.”

Outrigger Konotta Maldives Resort
 Konotta Island, Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll, Republic of Maldives
 [email protected]

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Special thanks to Outrigger Konotta Maldives Resort for making this stay possible and extending their hospitality to us! All opinions remain my own.

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