Experience snow ALL YEAR ROUND at Mount Titlis, even in summer (May, June and July)! At an elevation of 3020 meters high, I witnessed for the first time the untouched Alpine landscape.

My one day trip to Mount Titlis is completely different from the regular sightseeing/ touring experience because the views that I saw were out of this world.

My vision was filled with nothing but white peaks and blue skies. There was so much beauty in the snow-covered peaks that I could stand there and stare at it for hours! I could never find such views anywhere else in the world.

Mount Titlis, Switzerland; Mount Titlis Summer

I had to admit that after experiencing spring for a good few months around Europe, I missed smelling the crisp, cold alpine winter air.

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What to expect on top of Mount Titlis, Switzerland

Titlis Rotair

Mount Titlis, Switzerland; Mount Titlis Summer

What’s special about the Rotair is that it is the world’s first revolving cable car that transports passengers from the intermediate station to Mount Titlis’ peak! The journey on the Mt Titlis cable car to the summit station is 5 minutes long.

Mount Titlis, Switzerland; Mount Titlis Summer

En route, you are greeted with views of sheer cliff faces, deep crevasses and snow-covered mountain peaks all around Mount Titlis.

The Rotair takes you to Mount Titlis’ mountain station. The mountain station offers food options, a panorama terrace, and also acts as a hideout for people to hide from the wintry chill.

Titlis cliff walk

Mount Titlis, Switzerland; Mount Titlis Summer

At 3041 metres in altitude atop Mount Titlis, it is Europe’s highest suspension bridge hung by steel cables.

Glacier Cave

Mount Titlis, Switzerland; Mount Titlis Summer

Walking down the Mount Titlis cliff walk, you will be brought to Mt Titlis glacier cave. Walk through a 150 metre-long dark corridor in a cave that is 20 metres below the surface of the glacier.

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Ice Flyer

Mount Titlis, Switzerland; Mount Titlis Summer

Mount Titlis, Switzerland; Mount Titlis Summer

This flyer is a chairlift that brings you from Mount Titlis’ mountain station to its glacier park. It sure reminded me of being in a theme park, except this is icy everywhere around. 😀

It costs CHF 12 for a return ticket on the Chair lift Ice Flyer.

Glacier Park

Mount Titlis, Switzerland; Mount Titlis Summer

Literally a snow-covered playground for the young and old. Everyone had so much fun with balancers, snake glisses, minibobs and snow tubing that summer.

Watch how our snow-tubing experience went wrong!

Note: This section on Mount Titlis is open only in summer!

Mount Titlis, Switzerland; Mount Titlis Summer

It was heaps of fun sliding down the snow on my waterproof butt.

I felt like a little kid all over again, acting silly and rolling around the snow. Don’t mind me – I’m just a city girl living in the tropics, so I don’t get to see snow yearly, much less frolic in them.

Mount Titlis, Switzerland; Mount Titlis Summer

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How to get to Mount Titlis, Switzerland


Take the A2 to the Stans Süd exit and follow on the main road to Engelberg. You can park your car at the Titlis valley station.


You can get from Lucerne to Mt Titlis via train. From Lucerne, take the Zentralbahn (train) to Engelberg.


Alternatively, from Lucerne, take a boat to Hergiswill and continue by train to Engelberg.

  1. At Engelberg (1050m), take the gondola to the Trübsee station (1800m).

It costs CHF 23 for a one way from Engelberg to Trübsee.

Tip: at Trübsee station, walk out of the station towards the lake. You will find a spectacular, unspoilt, picturesque lake with a backdrop of the Swiss alps that’s so peaceful, so serene, it’s as if you’ve walked into a postcard!

Mount Titlis, Switzerland; Mount Titlis Summer

2. From there, take the Mount Titlis cable car to Stand station (2428m).

It costs CHF 38 for a one way from Engelberg to Stand.

Mount Titlis, Switzerland; Mount Titlis Summer

Tip: Along the way, hear the iconic swiss bells chiming in the distance before realising that the sound comes from the bells that the grazing cows are wearing!

City girl meets grazing cows and falls in love with the sight.

Mount Titlis, Switzerland; Mount Titlis Summer

  1. The last stretch is the Titlis Rotair right up to the top of Mount Titlis (3020m).

It costs CHF 50 for a one way from Truübsee to Mt Titlis

The return journey from Engelberg to Mt Titlis costs CHF 92, which is a better deal than if you were to buy individual one way tickets.

All in all, the total Mount Titlis ticket price should set you to about CHF 104.

Recommended duration: Allocate a half day to visit this Mount Titlis glacier mountain.

Set off in the morning and by the time you make your journey there, it should be almost noon. Grab some snacks or bring your own food to save on the touristy food prices there. By the time you finish with the sights and the rides, it should be mid-afternoon. Spend your evening back in Lucerne, strolling around in search for some cheese fondue to warm your tummy up. 🙂

It’s a great day trip to take from Lucerne, but in case you decide you want to stay in Titlis to make full use of the mountain air up here, here are some great hotel deals:


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I would like to take this chance to thank WL’s parents for making this trip a possibility.

22 June 2015, Monday

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