Singapore is well-known as the land where you can find everything the modern age has to offer. From the most high-tech technology to the world’s most luxurious shops, Singapore is the place to be.

However, there’s so much to Singapore besides the luxury and modern creations of the mankind. There’s also so much of nature’s beauty to see, visit, experience that makes Singapore such an amazing travelers destination. This is where nature plays an important role, as there are many nature getaways that are going to make you leave the busy concrete of the cities and venture out into the nature.

Stay tuned to find out what where you should be going next.

Beat the Crowd – Visit Singapore’s Nature Parks and Islands

1. Chestnut Park


Enter Singapore’s newly opened nature park, Chestnut Nature Park! Located between Bukit Panjang Road and Dairy Farm Road, adventurers will enjoy the numerous hiking and biking trail offered. If you’re lucky, you can even spot monkeys gallivanting around.

2. Coney Island

Coney Island Singapore

Coney Island Singapore

Coney Island is a little offshore island at Punggol Promenade Nature Walk. It’s a popular spot for cyclists coming either from Punggol Park Connector or Pasir Ris Park. I’ve tried both walking and cycling to Coney Island. Spanning only 2.4 kilometres in size, it offers a little escape to a nature getaway without being too far away from civilization. Nearby new container food park at Punggol East offers a myriad of bistros to tame the hungry adventurer.

3. Changi Village

Changi Boardwalk|Singapore's Changi Village

While most would not venture to the eastern corner of Singapore, I love the tranquility that Changi Village offers. It is popular with locals to hang out in the evening thanks to the famous Nasi Lemak and other great eats at the hawker centre. Come early enough to walk the entire stretch of the Changi Boardwalk.

This is also where the ferry to Bintan, Batam and Pulau Ubin departs from.

4. Sentosa Island

sentosa-singapore nature beach park


Soothe your soul on Sentosa Island. It’s ideal for escaping the manic rush of the city. Balance out the endless excitement with the tranquil beauty of this island. Your cravings for some soaking in the sun and enjoying kayaking will be satisfied, but there are so many attractions to try. It’s the perfect combination of urban and natural surroundings, that won’t make you work too hard for your own comfort, but still give you the sense that you’re in a secluded, natural spot that you have all for yourself. If you’re content with being pampered beneath the palm trees, and sipping on your favourite cocktail while you dip your toes in the sand, then pay Sentosa Island a visit. We’re quite sure you’ll make best friends!

5. Pulau Ubin

Pulau-Ubin-Singapore nature park

For your very own slice of nature, we recommend you pack your luggage and set off to Pulau Ubin – an island that is known as the last village of Singapore. If you’re up for a serene getaway and a trip back to the past, more precisely the 1960’s, you’ll find yourself mesmerized by Pulau Ubin offerings. It’s simple yet the slow pace and walking under the coconut palms, exploring and enjoying the secluded beaches can be a pleasant change from the business of Singapore.

6. Bintan

bintan singapore nature park


It might not be in Singapore, but it’s so close you’ll practically feel like it’s Singapore. This proximity is perfect for quick getaways, when you have to hit that reset button and give yourself some time off. It’s the island that has enchanting beaches perfect for leisure and relaxing. It’s basically an effortless escape, where you can take the entire family and simply relax without having to do much.

7. East Coast Park

East-Coast-Park-Singapore nature


This truly is a pocket of mesmerizing natural wonders that make for a tranquil weekend getaway with the special people in your life. Make no mistake, it’s not unknown to tourists, but the scenic coastline that stretches as far as you can see is too tempting for anyone to pass up. Dine and wine in the sun, sunbathe, join the recreational activities, or simply stretch your legs and enjoy your getaway. Families adore the East Coast Park, but there is something for everyone.

8. Sisters’ Islands

Sisters'-Island-Singapore nature beach park


For a dash of mystery in your getaway, Sisters’ Islands is ideal. The legend says that in the place where two sisters were last seen, and most likely have drowned, now lie the Sisters’ Islands. If you’re into snorkelling, coral reefs, sea horses and everything the mighty water brings you, then dive in. It’s definitely a destination worth visiting, if not for the water attractions, then simply because of the legend.

9. Kusu Island

Kusu-Island-Singapore nature park beach


By far you might have guessed that the best nature getaways near Singapore are islands. Who can deny the healing powers of sand and water?

The Kusu Island is yet another destination we highly recommend for a quick getaway, because it’s truly a sanctuary. Bring your friends and family, play sports on the beach, dip your toes into the gorgeous sand and soak in nature’s glory. Peace and relaxation don’t ask for much, only a quiet getaway spot, and less tainted by civilization as possible.

Here’s one more reason why you should add it to your bucket list of getaway destinations, especially if you like intrigue. The Kusu Island is believed to have been a tortoise once that was transformed into an island by the deity. While we won’t go deep into myths and legends, I recommend this as a sweet getaway from the busy streets of Singapore.

Even if Singapore may seem like its own concrete planet that doesn’t offer any natural relief to the hectic urban life, we’ve found out that it does indeed have a few charming nature spots that you can visit to take your mind off every day troubles.

Take your pick and pack your bags. It’s only a short getaway, but an overdue battery recharge indeed.

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