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  • How to hire a tour guide for free?

    If there’s anything that surprised me, it’s how commonplace free walking tours are around European cities, to the point that the first thing I’d look out for when visiting a new city is their free walking tours. I’ve been to such tours when I was in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Lisbon, Barcelona, Granada, Seville and many […]

  • Belgium
  • Visiting Ghent, Belgium For Free!

    Ghent, Belgium

    Did you know, Ghent is crowned “Creative City of Music” in honour of its many famous festivals and music schools, and its more than 600 rock and pop bands. Cyclist-friendly, clean, unpolluted, medieval. Best part was that it’s not overly touristy i.e. crowded. There is peacefulness and authenticity that came from it. Read: Couchsurfing in Ghent, […]