Looking for the best Milos, Greece hotels around?

There are 6 villages I recommend staying at where you can experience the best of Milos island. Included below are some of the best hotels in Milos across these 6 villages, based on my personal recommendation.

From my last trip to Milos, I found the best way to experience Milos is to take a day boat tour. Take your time to wander around these 6 villages – each has its own charm.

My previous Milos travel guide post talks more about how to get to Milos and getting around the villages in Milos.

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Best Hotels in Milos, Greece

1. Adamas, Milos, Greece

Adamas is situated on the gulf and is the port where you embark and disembark Milos from. It is THE place to be because this is the main hub where activities begin and end, public transport included.

Where to stay in Adamas, Milos, Greece

If you are wondering where to stay in Milos, Adamas is THE best place to stay in Milos if you are looking for convenience in terms of food, tour bookings and car rental. It has cafes and restaurants right on the gulf, shops and markets, discos, and the majority of other services.

Some highly recommended hotels in Adamas include:

2. Sarakiniko, Milos, Greece

Guide to Island of Milos, Greece

This is one of the most photographed spot of the island.

It is no wonder, for it is not common to see smooth limestone rocks that make up this Milos beach. Those rocks are eroded by time, wind and salt water, and have small and huge hollows all over them.

Sarakiniko is not the most accessible beaches in Milos, Greece. The walk to the beach is not difficult, but you do have to park your car high up near the road and then walk down a foot path to reach the sea.

Where to Stay in Milos, Greece

Where to stay in Sarakiniko, Milos, Greece

If you want to stay near Sarakiniko beach, Sarakiniko Rooms is a good choice as it’s just 5 minute walk from the hotel to the beach! Can you imagine what the view will be like? They also provide free airport shuttle so distance no longer have to be a concern.

3. Klima, Milos, Greece

Where to Stay in Milos, Greece

Klima, being a fishing village with colourful houses right on the beach, is among the most picturesque and traditional villages on Milos. It is one of the icons of Milos that got me real excited to see with my very own eyes.

Where to stay in Klima, Milos, Greece

If you want to experience a holiday home right in Klima, Fisherman House is the perfect stay for you. You get a detached holiday home with a balcony that can occupy up to 5 adults – all that for only USD175! The property also has a fully-equipped kitchen and beachfront terrace – what more can you ask for?

4. Plaka, Milos, Greece

Where to Stay in Milos, Greece

Narrow back streets, whitewashed courtyards and Cycladic-style balconies festooned with flowers are some of the characteristics of this village.

Where to Stay in Milos, Greece, Guide to Island of Milos, Greece

Visit the Kastro, from which you can get an unobstructed view of the North/West part of the island and unforgettable sunsets.

Where to Stay in Milos, Greece, sunset kastro Guide to Island of Milos, Greece

Sunset in Milos, Greece

Where to stay in Plaka, Milos, Greece

On hindsight, if I were to choose again the best place to stay in Milos, I would definitely pick Plaka to stay at.

Here are some popular hotels in Plaka:

  • Vivere A Plakes (from USD 53) – Loved for their personalized, homely service and convenient location
  • Halara Studios (from USD 105) – Loved for its excellent location, it being perched on a hill in Plaka

5. Tripiti, Milos, Greece

Where to Stay in Milos, Greece

Composed of soft volcanic rock, Tripiti stands on a hill. Land and life is pretty much barren save for shrubbery. A peaceful little village where locals reside along the narrow streets. Tripiti is a 10 minute walk up the slope to Plaka.

Where to stay in Tripiti, Milos, Greece

We stayed here at a boutique hotel in Milos, Greece called Palaios Rooms. It’s an ideal Milos accommodation if you crave personal space and quiet time with your companion, otherwise it is a rather inaccessible village to live in.

Where to Stay in Milos, Greece

Where to Stay in Milos, Greece

Where to Stay in Milos, Greece

On the flipside, for a low cost (33€/ S$25 per night for two), there is a considerable room size with a balcony, on top of a stove, kitchen sink and microwave! Run by locals, Palaios Rooms gives off a homely vibe.

Another option could be Chaido Studios. This family-run property offers wonderful views of the coast and sea. The close proximity to nice small restaurants also makes it highly attractive.

6. Pollonia, Milos, Greece

Where to Stay in Milos, Greece, Guide to Island of Milos, Greece

This fishing settlement has a beach with a rich seaside. Accompanying it are a couple of taverns, restaurants and island cafes around the village.

Small boats, sea-taxis and ferry-boats transfer you from Pollonia to the neighboring island of Kimolo within 30 minutes.

Where to Stay in Milos, Greece

Caught a bubbly family doing exercises on the beach. There were at least 3 generations in this picture alone. When was the last time you went on a holiday with your parents and grandparents?

Where to Stay in Milos, Greece, Guide to Island of Milos, Greece

Where to Stay in Milos, Greece, Guide to Island of Milos, Greece

The houses are all in my favourite colours, even the barricades!

Where to stay in Pollonia, Milos, Greece

Some top hotels to stay in Pollonia are:

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Milos is an underrated little island that I loved way more than Santorini on my last trip to Greece. It had a more authentic feel, not as if the whole island was made for the purpose of tourists.

The little streets you enter and the distinct blue and white colours you’ll see is what sets Milos island apart from all others.

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