Aside from being immensely fun, I have been told skiing is also an incredibly healthy activity!

First of all, it strengthens your bones and joints, as well as your lower body muscles. Second, it increases your balance, core strength and flexibility. Lastly, it boosts your mood, improves your sleep and even benefits your cardiovascular endurance.

That being said, introducing skiing into your yearly routine is more than a welcome sight. Those with a bit more formidable travel budget might even want to make things even more interesting by making an itinerary consisting of some of the world’s best ski tracks.

With that in mind and without further ado, here is a brief list of must-visit ski tracks all over the globe by recommended ski-goers.

5 Best Ski Tracks Around The World

1.    Alpbach, Austria

When it comes to skiing, no European country comes near to Austria.

Aside from occupying one of the most beautiful alpine regions, Austria also has numerous tracks, one for every difficulty level.

For instance, the track of Alpbach, that we opted for is an ideal place for beginners. This is for people who aim to make their entrance into this lifestyle. Aside from this, it’s also named as the prettiest village in Austria and they even got awarded various prizes for this stellar accomplishment.

The village itself is situated in the valley, which makes a nice contrast with the 109 km of slopes surrounding it. The number of lifts is incredible (45!), which means that even if you go there at the peak of the season, you won’t have a problem with the queue.

As for the other tourists, this village is particularly popular with the British, which is why you might find an abundance of English-speaking companions.

Keep in mind, however, that the beginner track is not the only thing available here. Aside from Alpbach-Inner Alpbach, there are also Alpbach Aktiv and Skischule Alpbachtal, which are a tad more demanding.

This alone is a reason why people come back to this track year after year. Perhaps most importantly, the prices are quite low, which may make even a prolonged stay a valid option.

2.    Nozawa Onsen, Japan

Japan snow, Best Ski Tracks in the World

The next amazing place that all passionate skiers need to visit at least once in their lifetime is the incredible Nozawa Onsen. This amazing place is not just one of the most beautiful places in all of Japan but also one of its oldest ski resorts.

This place is great for both individuals and families, as well as for both expert skiers and newcomers. The latter is particularly true due to the fact that there’s an abundance of the English-speaking instructors on premises.

One of the first things that every visitor to Nozawa Onsen notices right upon their arrival is the quality of the powder snow, which allows skiers to enjoy this slope even in the early may.

The town itself is simply amazing and it gives visitors a glimpse of the old Japan in its full glory and splendour. The cobblestone streets are often filled with mist that slowly rises from the hot springs below the place. This makes the steam visible in almost all streets, adding an additional layer of beauty to this already enchanting place.

As for the lodging, you’ll have a plenty of options, however, it’s simpler to find a package, like the one offered by Liquid Snow Tours. In this way, you get a much simpler and more efficient booking, as well as a multitude of other option included in the package.

Beyond Nozawa Onsen, places like Hokkaido offer superb powdery snow for skiing too.

3.    Revelstoke, Canada

In the previous section, we mentioned two traditional ski resorts, which is why we now aim to make a balance by discussing a newcomer to this industry.

We’re, of course, talking about the Revelstoke which is a resort that was popularized little over 10 years ago. The resort village itself has all that such a compact tourist hotspot needs, a hostel, a bar and a coffee shop.

Sure, the place is both vast (3,000 acres of slopes) and amazing. However, when you try to compare it to the massive tourist complexes we mentioned previously, you’ll find it lagging behind.

Nonetheless, this is not necessarily a minus, seeing as how some people prefer it as remote and secluded as possible.

4.    Val d’Isère, France

France snow, Best Ski Tracks in the World

Now, it’s time we mention one track that’s best recommended for the most seasoned of skiers. The landscapes are breathtaking but the tracks are quite challenging in this area of France.

Nonetheless, the place is so tourist-friendly that you don’t even have to be an expert skier to enjoy it. In fact, you don’t have to be a skier at all.

Due to the fact that just a year ago, €200 million were invested in the redevelopment of the place (that’s due to be over in about four years), we might expect this place to get more and more attention from skiers all over the world.

To show you the full magnitude of the resort, we’ll mention that slopes range from 1,550m to 3,455m and that there are 78 lifts servicing the place!

5.    Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

Slovenia snow, Best Ski Tracks in the World

People who can’t afford Austria, often opt for Slovenia as the second best thing. This is only fair, seeing as how the countries border each other and share the same part of Alps, with one major difference – the price of, well, everything.

The architecture is similar, ski resorts are similar and everything looks similar to Austria, only on a smaller scale. When picking the place to ski at in Slovenia, you just can’t go wrong with Kranjska Gora.

The slopes here are ideal for beginners and, due to its budget-friendliness, it’s a good place to take your entire family. Who knows, this might become the first slope your kids are ever going to ski on.

Only when you pay a visit to some (or all) of these slopes, will you be able to see that the skiing itself tends to be an umbrella term.

Skiing on different slopes presents one with completely different experiences, which is what all of this was about, in the first place. Once you’ve crossed all of these five off your list, there’s much more for you to explore.

This, however, is a story for another time.

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