5 Top Budget Airlines’ Cabin Baggage Size Limits

The best part about travelling within EU is the budget airlines that are available around the region. My flights from Paris to Barcelona at €19.60 (SGD 29.40) and from Porto to Paris at €25 (SGD 37.50) was made possible because of the existence of them! Checking on travel deals is one way to save up on travels.

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Since I was travelling so much around Europe, and on a budget, I often have to check up their baggage size limits every time I book a flight. It can be quite a hassle having to Google them all the time, hence, I decided to pull them all into one handy post for frequent budget travellers in Europe. I keep a note with all these different airlines’ baggage size limits so that whenever I book budget flights without check in baggage, I can refer to them.

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Here are some of the more common budget air flights around Europe and their weight & size limits.

5 Top Budget Airlines’ Cabin Baggage Size Limits

1. RyanAir

55x40x20cm + 35x20x20cm

2. easyJet

No weight limit

3. Germanwings


4. Volotea


5. Transavia


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