6 Cool Hotels in Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Atlanta Ellis Hotel Lobby, Cool Hotels in Atlanta Georgia

Atlanta, as a city, dates back to 1837 when it was founded as the gateway for the Western & Atlantic Railroad. Atlanta has always been a progressive city built on innovation, inclusion and the mentality “too busy to hate.”

Atlanta is supportive of her local home-grown businesses and entrepreneurs and welcoming to big industry.

As well as being a hub for the film and music scene and a blossoming pace setter for the food and beverage industry, Atlanta displayed her welcoming Southern charm when she opened her doors to the 1996 Summer Olympics, launching the city into another wave of incredible growth.

Atlanta offers her locals and visitors alike so much to see and do. Downtown Atlanta is easy to navigate and speckled with City Markets, a most amazing Aquarium and stadiums galore (Atlanta sure loves her sports!).

Also hugely supportive of the arts, the city has transformed the talent and powerful messages of various artists into a Street Art display that embraces the city by way of the Atlanta Beltline, encouraging you to get outside, get active and enjoy art along the way.

As in any major city across the United States, there are endless options for where to stay in Atlanta, so I teamed up with Expedia.com to help narrow it down a bit. Staying in downtown Atlanta puts you within walking distance to many of the activities that may draw you to visit this beautiful city.

While I normally prefer small boutique hotels when I travel, Atlanta truly offers some impressive architecturally interesting hotels with stunning views that can really enhance your visit and stay in the city.  

This list offers some of the most unique and special places to stay around downtown Atlanta and the nearby neighbourhoods.

6 of some of the coolest hotels in Atlanta, Georgia

6 Coolest Hotels in Atlanta, Georgia, USA #Atlanta #Georgia

1. Marriott Marquis

Atlanta Marriott Marquis entrance fountain, Cool Hotels in Atlanta Georgia

This unique building is unique against the Atlanta skyline. Raising up 52 stories, this is in the top 20 tallest buildings in Atlanta.

Designed my famed architect John C Portman, this hotel has one of the tallest atriums in the world. Guests entering the hotel can look straight up to the 52nd floor and enjoy the unique artistic curve of the hotels aesthetic.

Atlanta Marriott Marquis atrium, Cool Hotels in Atlanta Georgia

The rooms are spacious, and the elevators are crazy fast. There is an intimate pool with a fun indoor/outdoor setup to ensure guests can enjoy the sun shine while swimming during the summer and still indulge if the Atlanta winters make it too cool to enjoy the water outside.

The Marriott Marquis offers ample space to host business events within the hotel, but protects intimate lounging areas to enjoy as a leisure getaway as well.

2. Twelve Hotel

Atlanta Twelve kitchen of studio suite, Cool Hotels in Atlanta Georgia

Atlanta Twelve living room of studio 2, Cool Hotels in Atlanta Georgia

Blending the comforts of a townhome and the charm of a boutique hotel, the Twelve Hotels (one in downtown and one in midtown) offer guests a spacious room with added amenities of your home away from home feel.

When travelling with children or staying for a few days, having this space can make your getaway even more relaxing.

Atlanta Twelve pool , Cool Hotels in Atlanta Georgia

Both hotels offer modern details and a relaxing terrace to enjoy a cocktail and the beautiful Georgia weather – a new trend in hotel offerings I’ve observed of late. The industry is learning that guests want space, comfort details from home and the ability to stay in and enjoy a meal and cocktails in their own beautiful hotel room when travelling.

Twelve offers this easy luxury with a separate seating area in each room that you can entertain and still have your sleeping area closed off.

3. Glenn Hotel

Atlanta Glenn Hotel Room, Cool Hotels in Atlanta Georgia

Truly a downtown boutique hotel experience. While the rooms are small and intimate, they are well appointed and even offer guests a mini fridge and a creative bar setup with a shaker to craft your own cocktails in room before heading up to the rooftop bar, The Sky Lounge for a stunning view of the sunset against the backdrop of downtown Atlanta and Centennial Olympic Park.

Staying at the Glenn also puts you in easy walking distance to all the stadiums as well as the Georgia Aquarium. The lobby offers live music on the weekends with a posh bar that procures truly delicious cocktails. The building was originally constructed as an office building named after John Thomas Glenn, a well-known attorney in Atlanta and later the 31st mayor of the city.

4. Westin

Atlanta Westin Atrium, Cool Hotels in Atlanta Georgia

Easy to spot along the Atlanta skyline, this hotel is round and an impressive 73 floors high with a restaurant and lounge situated on top with a 360-degree view of Atlanta.

Also designed by architect John C Portman, The Westin was the tallest building in Atlanta until 1987. This hotel is also comfortably situated in downtown Atlanta and within easy walking distance of the stadiums, Centennial Olympic Park and Georgia Aquarium.

The rooms here are also spacious, and the hotel offers ample space for business gatherings but also an intimate feel for that romantic getaway.

The Sun Dial Restaurant and bar is worth a visit whether you stay in the hotel or not.

Atlanta Sun Dial Restaurant sunset 2, Cool Hotels in Atlanta Georgia
Try to arrange your schedule take in the sunset from 73 floors up. The restaurant requires reservations, but there is also a bar and lounge area that you can enjoy lite bites or desert and cocktails while enjoying the display of Atlanta transitions from twilight into a sparkling masterpiece at dark.

Atlanta Sun Dial Restaurant sunset 2, Cool Hotels in Atlanta Georgia

5. Georgian Terrace

Atlanta Georgian Terrace Plaque, Cool Hotels in Atlanta Georgia

Part of the Historic Hotels of America, the Georgian Terrace lends Parisian details and luxurious details designed by architect William Lee Stoddard and originally opened in 1911.

Atlanta Georgian Terrace lobby, Cool Hotels in Atlanta Georgia

Atlanta Georgian Terrace Atrium 2, Cool Hotels in Atlanta Georgia

The hotel pulls you away from the bustle of downtown Atlanta and nestles you comfortably near the iconic Fox Theater. This beautiful hotel has been a retreat for several famous visitors including Clark Gable from Gone With The Wind, Calvin Coolidge and Walt Disney.

atlanta georgian terrace entrance, Cool Hotels in Atlanta Georgia

Georgian Terrace was recently renovated and after a tumultuous past including plans for demolition, the hotel was resurrected and reopened in 1997 and has been a staple for luxury escapes and the set for several movies and shows.

The staff exudes true southern charm and every detail of the hotel oozes true Southern luxury and charm.

6. Ellis Hotel

Atlanta Ellis Hotel Lobby, Cool Hotels in Atlanta Georgia

Another beautiful hotel designed by architect William Lee Stoddard, the Ellis Hotel originally named Winecroff Hotel opened its doors in 1913. The Winecroff burned down including 119 guests and staff when a fire destroyed the building in 1946.

Atlanta Ellis Hotel Chandelier, Cool Hotels in Atlanta Georgia

Reopened in 1951 as Peachtree Hotel, the hotel served as a home for the elderly then a gift shop during the Olympics, but in 2007 the hotel was renovated and reopened as a boutique luxury hotel, offering guests an intimate experience.

The Ellis was added to the Historic Hotels of America and to this day is truly the delight of Atlanta. The rooms are a comfortable size with modern touches. The staff sets the bar for the definition of Southern hospitality and every detail is carefully thought out.

Atlanta is definitely a city to visit. Her easy to access location makes her a great starting or ending point if your visits bring you to South East United States. She has incredible offerings in outdoor activities and a myriad of options supporting the arts, sports, and the food and beverage scenes.

Take time and enjoy Atlanta her Southern hospitality!

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6 Coolest Hotels in Atlanta, Georgia, USA #Atlanta #Georgia

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