Duh! I’ll need my camera!

Is that what you thought when you first read the title of this article? Well, you would be right! But you’d also be wrong!

Like seasoned travellers will tell you, to truly enjoy sightseeing on vacations, you’ll need a few essential supplies. Make sure to have these items along when you go exploring a new city or town to stay comfortable and make your trip memorable – for the right reasons!

1. Binoculars to pick up finer details

Binoculars help you pick up the finer nuances of the attractions you’re viewing.

For instance, when you’re wandering around a city with superb specimens of architecture, you’ll need the best binoculars you can find to examine the intricacies of the carvings and frescos. These gadgets are also really handy on outdoor adventures and safaris to spot gorgeous birds and animals cleverly camouflaged in the landscape.

Train them on the ocean to make sightseeing on vacation worth the time by watching spouting whales or pods of dolphins fishing or playing in the water. And, that’s just a few of the amazing things you could do with a pair of these essential devices.

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2. Okay, let’s talk about cameras

weight camera, A Student Traveller’s Camera Buying GuideDepending on your skills as a photographer, you could choose a basic device or a pro camera to take pictures during your trip. Should you check this feature on Digital Trends, you’ll learn that different cameras are great for shooting images of landscapes or come with a zoom lens so you can take close-ups on nature holidays.

Also, plan appropriate gadgets for the type of weather you’re expecting and the typical conditions where you’ll use them. Accordingly, pick out cameras that can resist water and dust for beach vacations and are freeze-proof for visiting mountain resorts.

Begin by doing some research or talk to a knowledgeable professional to guide you on the best gadget to buy for sightseeing on vacation.

3. You’ll need to keep your camera safe

When you’re traveling with an expensive piece of equipment, it is always advisable to invest in accessories that keep it safe. Even if you’re not particularly worried about the possibility of getting your camera stolen, using an anti-theft shoulder strap to clip the device is a smart option.

You’ll safeguard the gadget and avoid the risk of leaving it behind when you stop for a bite or to rest for a while. Most such straps are adjustable to match your convenience with   snap-hooks and are made with tough material that can resist cutting with a knife.

4. Sure, phone cameras work too!

photo composition, How to have a good Instagram feedIn place of investing in additional cameras, you most definitely can make do with your phone camera. Most Android, iPhone, and Windows phones have awesome cameras that take all the pictures you want.
Search online and you will be able to find wide-angle and macro camera lens that are compatible with all kinds of phones. The additional advantage is that you can clip on the lens when you’re ready and remove it when not needed.
While selfie sticks work well, here’s another accessory that is now available for sightseeing on vacations – the mini tripod. With three flexible fingers, the tripod attaches on to any rod or bar and lets you place your phone on it. Look for the KobraTech on Amazon.

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5. Polarized sunglasses to protect your eyes

Wherever you’re going sightseeing on vacations, you’ll absolutely need polarized sunglasses to shield your eyes from the glare of the sun. Not only will you need protection in tropical locations, but the rays reflecting off the snow or sea can also damage your eyes.

When shopping for the right polarized glass, pick out the high-grade variety that reflects the glare from flat surfaces while at the same time offers you clear and defined vision. This article on GearPatrol also explains how polarized glass lowers eye fatigue and the possibility of headaches and migraines.

6. Bring adequate hydration

gili-lawa-hike-sunrise-labuan bajo indonesia floresOne of the first essentials you’ll need when exploring a new town is adequate hydration. Opt for refillable bottles that help you do your bit for the environment and also economize on your trip. Collapsible bottles are great for space-saving and easy to fill and use.

If you’re concerned about finding clean drinking water, go for bottles that can purify water without the need for elaborate purification systems. All you need to do is fill the container, wait for 15 seconds and safely drink the water.

One great example is the Grayl Ultralight Purifier that uses UV rays to clean the water of viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, microplastics, and toxic chemicals.

Of course, if you’re out in the cold, you’ll want to bring hot beverages in thermos flasks for a quick swig to beat the weather.

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7. Tank tops with pockets or zippered belts to secure valuables

If you’re looking for smart solutions to keep valuables safe when sightseeing on vacations, you can purchase tank tops with zippered pockets on the sides. Extremely discreet and easy to conceal under a simple jacket, the pockets allow you to stow cash and important documents and deter even the most nimble-fingered pickpockets. Alternatively, you can think about belts with hidden zippers on the inside to slip valuables in and wear comfortably.

8. All-weather protection for your phone

Among the supplies for sightseeing on vacations, you may also want to invest in adequate protection for your phone. Slip the gadget into a universal weather-proof case that can keep it safe whether you’re underwater diving or caught in the rain. Prevent damage from dust scratches, and accidental dropping wherever you travel with these nifty cases.

Did you know that around 55% of Americans like to go sightseeing on vacations?

If, like your compatriots, you love to dive into the local culture and check out the typical or lesser-known attractions of a new town, make sure to have these essentials along and you’re sure to enjoy every moment of the trip.

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