Before you evaluate the value of reading this blog, I figured you should know the mastermind behind this.

I’m Isabel Leong.
I’m 26 years old.
I was born in Singapore and lived here all my life.
I graduated in December 2016.
I was on an international exchange from January to June 2015.
I chose Europe for my exchange trip as I’ve never been to there and Europe is such a big continent that I want to devote 6 months to getting to know Europe better.
I picked Rouen, France as my exchange destination,
and studied in Neoma Business School.

isabel leong paris france

I fully funded for my exchange trip. My budget was slightly more than $10k, though I was fortunate, by a really, really, fine stroke of luck, to be awarded a scholarship that funds half of this budget. Here’s how I funded for my entire exchange.

I am gratified on so many levels.
I am thankful for the blessing of my parents, even though they never had this chance in their entire life.
I am thankful for the scholarship that was awarded to me out of the blue on one fine school day in Neoma.
I am thankful that my Malaysia Airlines plane landed safely in Paris on 31 Dec 2014.
I am thankful to be able to celebrate countdown not only in Paris, but with a bunch of local French!

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Isabel Leong

Isabel Leong

An explorer at heart, the world is Isabel's playground. She enjoys seizing every moment exploring every hideout and doing the unimaginable, like bungee jumping in Phuket and couchsurfing in Europe. If she had wings, she’d definitely be soaring right now. Also a fitness trainer, if she’s not at the gym, you can find her doing yoga or rock climbing! Read more about her on


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