To satisfy my obsession with some of the world’s best beaches, I’ve compiled some of the best beaches in the world, thanks to the contributions of travellers from around the world (and might I add, some of the best bodies too? ๐Ÿ˜‰ )!

Also included are some bikini/ swimsuit inspiration for you to expand your beach wardrobe, and they got me wanting to hit a beach right this moment!

Here are 12 top picks from Indonesia, France, USA, Japan, French Polynesia, Thailand, Hawaii, Colombia, Dubai and Dominican Republic for you to bookmark on your next beach getaway!

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1. Gili Trawangan in Lombok, Indonesia

12 Best Beaches In The World To Include In Your Bucketlist

There was something both peaceful and a childish fun of swinging over the water looking out at the open sea. Gili Trawangan was home to some of the most beautiful beaches I’ve seen with crystal clear water and breathtaking sunsets but nothing was quite like swinging into the sea.
– Megan from Traveling Nine To Fiver

Can’t believe Lombok is so close to Singapore yet I’ve never been there!

Bikini from Athleta.
“It’s amazing. Looks cute but great for running around, diving in the water and of, course, taking a swing.”

2. Castel Plage in Nice, France

12 Best Beaches In The World To Include In Your Bucketlist

I was in Nice, France in summer of 2015 and I was there for a whole week with my best gal friends, just three girls chilling and enjoying the beautiful medditerenean warm weather. My friends and I booked an Airbnb apartment which is located in the old town of Nice and as well just about five minutes walk to Castel Plage! We were in awe at how beautiful the beach is, the water is so blue and so clear and the feeling of being near to it was great. We had several picnic breakfasts by the shore and as well watched every sunset overlooking the beautiful coast. It was a wonderful experience!
– Evan from Pretty Wild World

Bikini from SM Department Store Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Philippines ๐Ÿ˜›

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3. South Beach in Miami, Florida, USA

12 Best Beaches In The World To Include In Your Bucketlist

It’s not exactly an untouched natural paradise, but Miami’s South Beach is FUN! If you’re looking to party this is the place for you. But even if you’d rather take it easy on your holiday, Miami has plenty to offer – Surfside Beach would be my top recommendation.
– Sabina from Girls vs Globe

Certainly, Miami is THE place to go for beaches!

Bikini from Boux Avenue.

4. Kondoi Beach in Taketomi island, Japan

12 Best Beaches In The World To Include In Your Bucketlist

This beach is paradise because it has the clear turquoise waters you imagine from postcards and it’s tropical Japan which is so underrated and therefore not as frequented as other beach getaways in Asia.
– Stefan Arestis from Nomadic Boys

Swimsuit from H&M.

5. Robinson Crusoe Island in Fiji

chris walker-bush

Robinson Crusoe Island, a private island located not far from Port Deneru, is a popular resort owned and operated by Aussies. Their New Year’s party was a wild mix of cross-dressing, kava swilling, war dances, and delicious local food. One of the most memorable ways to ring in the New Year I can think of.

The beach itself is more picturesque than it is good for swimming. White sand and clear water, sure, but a bit too rocky and coral strewn for genuine frolicking.

The island itself is just likely. Far enough from the backpacker crowds of the Yasawas to feel genuinely quiet, but with a fun crowd and awesome staff about to ensure you’re not bored. I miss their hammocks!
– Chris Walker-Bush

Bikini from… Homemade.

“Stop laughing. Alright, stop it, right now! You’ve never seen a man with curves before? This picture of me rocking a homemade coconut bra and a skirt borrowed from my girlfriend, was snapped on New Year’s Eve in 2010.”

6. Bora Bora in French Polynesia

12 Best Beaches In The World To Include In Your Bucketlist

The beaches on Bora Bora are the most stunning ones I have ever seen, and I have been to 90 countries! It is the incredible sense of exclusivity and of knowing that very few people have the fortune of ever stepping on its shore that makes you understand how pristine the lagoon and the beaches around it are. The water is shallow, warm and milky and the backdrop of Mount Otemanu on every frame just makes it a dreamy place. No wonder about 90%of the visitors to Bora Bora are on their honeymoon.
– Mar from Once In A Lifetime Journey

Oh yeah, I’ve been wanting to visit Bora Bora since I first knew of its existence. That, the Bahamas and Maldives. Oh, I’m a sucker for beaches!

Bikini from Calzedonia.
“I buy this same top year after year and they release it every summer in the same basic colours. Calzedonia has amazing bikinis that always suit me and latin bodies in general, highly recommend!”

7. Bang Bao Bay in Koh Kood, Thailand

12 Best Beaches In The World To Include In Your Bucketlist

If you are searching for that quiet island paradise in Thailand, Koh Kood is the best place to go. While there are many good beaches in Koh Kood, the best one is located in Bang Bao Bay. Turquoise blue waters and fine white sand backed by lush palm trees, the beach in Bang Bao Bay is truly picturesque. The water is also very calm in this bay so it’s ideal for swimming.
The stretch of the crescent shaped bay is also lined with several wooden piers. One of these piers, located at Koh Kood Resort has an awesome water swing. Lucky, we got the spot to ourselves during our visit. This probably wouldn’t happen in other islands in Thailand.
– Gia from Mismatched Passports

Now that’s a swing I would have to sit on one day.

Bikini from Khao San Road, Bangkok, Thailand

8. Lanikai Beach in Oahu, Hawaii

12 Best Beaches In The World To Include In Your Bucketlist

This is a small half-mile long beach with powdery soft sand. Lanikai translates to “heavenly sea” and if you’re looking at the water in this picture there’s no explanation needed as to why! Lanikai beach is often ranked as one of the beaches in the world and I definitely agree.
– James from Escaping Abroad

Judging from the picture, Hawaii is inching higher up on my bucketlist right this moment!

9. Playa Blanca in Cartagena, Colombia

12 Best Beaches In The World To Include In Your Bucketlist

A visit to the wee piece of paradise, Playa Blanca, is one of the nicest things to do in Cartagena. Although popular with locals and tourists alike, the blues and greens of the sea scream bonito to me. An added bonus is that you can buy a pina colada in a pineapple!
– Gemma from Two Scots Abroad

Bikini top from Freya.

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10. Long Beach in Phi Phi Island, Thailand

12 Best Beaches In The World To Include In Your Bucketlist

Its the best one because of the incredible water and view of this “James Bond island” where “The Beach” was filmed. There are no roads and you can get there only by small local boat. There is also glowing plankton at night on this beach which makes this place even more magical.
– Kristรฝna from Epic Betch

Ever since I watched that movie, I want to have a slice of that beach myself too. Lucky you, Kristรฝna!

Bikini from Khongboon.

11. Jumeirah Beach in Dubai

Jumeirah Beach in Dubai | 12 Best Beaches In The World To Bookmark

It’s paradise because it’s clean, safe, and you get the best view of Burj Al Arab Hotel.
– Belinda from Thiskenyan Traveler

12. Punta Cana Beach in Dominican Republic

12 Best Beaches In The World To Include In Your Bucketlist

The Dominican Republic is know for having some of the most beautiful beaches.
– Bel from Bel Explores

Bikini from Body Glove.

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I’m embarrassed to say I’ve only been to Nice’s and Thailand’s Phi Phi Island beaches.

12 Best Beaches In The World To Include In Your Bucketlist


How many of these have you been to? Which is your favourite?

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