23 Tried & Tested Cafes in Bali You Absolutely Cannot Miss

nalu bowls uluwatu sunset Best Cafes

For the vibrance-seeking and fun-loving, you most definitely cannot miss visiting:

  • Motel Mexicola
  • Sea Vu Play

For a laidback, chill and tropical feel, I recommend:

  • The Shady Shack
  • Watercress Cafe
  • Single Fin
  • Nalu Bowls
  • Cafe Organic

If you have a focus on healthy, vegan and organic food, check out:

  • Cafe Organic
  • Earth Cafe
  • Peloton Supershop

BALI cafe colourful

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4 Replies to “23 Tried & Tested Cafes in Bali You Absolutely Cannot Miss”

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of cafes. I want to try the octopus risotto. Black Sabbath was originally named Earth.

    1. Ah cool! I didn’t know that! Thanks for sharing!

  2. natemeetsworld says: Reply

    Motel Mexicola and Naughty Nuris seems likes like my kind of spots. Which ones are your favorites?

    1. Indeed! I loved Motel Mexicola a lot. And I enjoyed acai-hopping around!

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