We are seeing a rise in yoga worldwide, most particularly in the personalised, intimate setting of practicing yoga in boutique yoga studios. If you haven’t already know about the myriad of benefits from practicing yoga for both the young and old, here are a few – increased flexibility, increased muscle strength and tone, cardio and circulatory health, improved athletic performance and protection from injury.

If you’ve been on my Instagram and hanging around me, you’ll know that I have a thing for inversions and yoga poses. When I look out for yoga classes, I always look out for classes that offer inversion classes.

Maldives COMO Hotel Cocoa Island yoga

At Maldives’ COMO Hotel Cocoa Island beautiful sandbank

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Look at my idol, Sjana Earp, in her element:

sjana earp yoga beach girl idol

Here I round up 5 of my favourite boutique yoga studios in Singapore that I’ve been wanting to try out. I always tell myself that I would start signing up for a yoga package once I start working full-time proper because of the cost involved. I’m always on the lookout for affordable yoga classes in Singapore.

Now that I’m in my 3rd month of work, I have yet to sign up for one…… I blame this on my crazy schedule:

9.30am-6pm – Working full-time as a social media/ digital marketing consultant
6.30pm-7.30pm – Training my clients at the gym
7.30pm-9pm – Working out on my own at the gym or clocking in a 10km run around Marina Bay Sands

So you see, this pretty sums up my weekdays. This also explains my lack of time for friends – what with the maintenance of this blog and working with partners to bring you more giveaways!

Nevertheless, I would like to introduce 5 of my favourite boutique yoga studios in Singapore. Most of these studios also offer yoga for beginners.

My 5 favourite boutique yoga studios in Singapore!

1. Yoga Inc

Best Favourite Singapore Boutique Yoga Studios

Known for its black and white minimalist interior design and resident dog, Yoga Inc has now expanded to cover 4 locations. With classes such as prenatal yoga, classic hot yoga, and restorative yoga, this boutique yoga studio has something for almost everyone! Amazingly, they have classes for beginners eager to try out yoga for the first time, and even for expectant mothers. Have a look at their wide range of classes here.

Don’t miss their vintage-inspired boutique yoga studio in Tiong Bahru that occupies a heritage shop space. It’s nothing like any other studios! Yoga Inc studios are non-air-conditioned and towels are provided for every student. Teacher training classes are also offered at Yoga Inc.

Opening hours: Varies. More info here.
Branches: Guillemard / Tiong Bahru / Punggol / Tampines

2. Yoga Mandala

Best Favourite Singapore Boutique Yoga Studios

Instructors of Yoga Mandala believes that yoga is more than just the practice – it is also about the bonds you form through yoga.

With a maximum of 15 people in each class, they create a familial environment that makes you feel like you’re not struggling alone. Take it from Sara from the band 53A – an instructor at Yoga Mandala, Sara makes it a point to introduce the entire class individually by name so everyone knows everyone by the end of the class.

Beginners and mothers-to-be can also rejoice; they have beginners and pre/post-natal classes available at Yoga Mandala, too! Talk about inclusive 😉

Opening hours: 10am to 10pm
Address: 134B Telok Ayer Street Singapore 068600

3. The Yoga Co

club paradise palawan coron yoga

Striking a pose in Coron, Palawan

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Branded as a home-concept yoga studio, The Yoga Co was founded by duo Sandra Riley Tang (of The Sam Willows) and yoga master teacher Paalu. They break out from conventional yoga studios by introducing fitness elements such as calisthenics and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) to build strength, flexibility and stamina.

Bootcamp classes last 75 to 90 minutes. Special packages such as the Lunch Crunch and Sunrise Package are available to cater to different groups, as well as a special class on arm balance and inversions. To make it more convenient for the students, they’ve even integrated an app to facilitate class bookings. Talk about being savvy!

Their “Back-To-Basics” class offers a great opportunity for beginners to try out yoga, but they don’t have a specialised pre-natal class for expectant mothers. Still, have a look at all 10 of The Yoga Co classes here and you might find something that you like!

Opening hours: 7am to 9pm
Address: 10A Pahang Street, Singapore 198611


4. Yoga Movement

Best Favourite Singapore Boutique Yoga StudiosSource

With 6 studios in Singapore, their latest edition at East Coast, it is evident that Yoga Movement is a favourite. As one of the more affordable boutique yoga studios in Singapore, it’s no wonder their hip studios attract a young crowd. Founded by home-grown singer-songwriter, Alicia Pan, Yoga Movement hosts classic yoga classes, perfect for beginners starting out.

I found an outlet that is extremely near to my workplace, and this is my number one choice! They have various classes available, catered to beginners (through their “BASICS” class) and even advanced yoga enthusiasts (through their “POWER FLOW” class). There is a lack of a pre-natal class, but nonetheless, it’s still a great option for you to consider for yourself and friends!

Opening hours: 8.30am to 9.15pm
Address: Carpenter Street / East Coast / Orchard 22 / Robertson Quay / Tanjong Pagar / 
Tiong Bahru

5. Yoga Lab

As one of the newest yoga studios in Singapore, Yoga Lab is quickly gaining popularity. It is one of the few yoga studios that allows practitioners of all skills background to “experiment with yoga”, whether it is to develop a strong foundation or stretch yourself beyond what you’re comfortable with.

The wide range of yoga teachers at Yoga Lab is a warm welcome for all yoga enthusiasts, particularly beginners, as this is the perfect chance to learn the right techniques. Interestingly, there’s a pre-natal yoga class here, too, that aims to “help women relax, strengthen and prepare themselves – physically and mentally – for birth”. Tell me that’s not impressive!


I gave it a go, working up a good sweat within 1 hour, and you should, too!

Opening hours: Varies. More info here.
Branches: 135 East Coast Rd / 60B Duxton Rd / 27 Boon Tat St 

So there you go! Go ahead and get your ohm on!

oasia hotel downtown yoga-denise-keller-health-wellness-1

Practicing yoga at Oasia Downtown, Singapore

This is the first time that my content veers slightly away from around the world travel and student travel, and more into my areas of interest – fitness and yoga. You wouldn’t be surprised, since I’m a freelance personal trainer for years!

That said, if you’re looking for a great yoga mat for travel, here are some great resources:

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