Best Free Offline Travel Apps

Best free offline travel apps | Bel Around The World
Best free offline travel apps | Bel Around The World

Throughout my travels in Europe for 6 months, there was no way I could travel with much ease and convenience if not for the use of certain travel apps. Really, getting around would have been a whole lot tougher if not for these apps.

One reason why I turned to reading virtual maps is because I didn’t want to flash “TOURIST, PICKPOCKET ME” on my face by carrying a map around.

I’ve only listed free travel apps below that I firmly believe is essential and would recommend, some of which I’ve personally used in my 6 months of travel around Europe, so that you save on downloading redundant apps and put your phone storage space to better use instead!

These free travel apps are available on Android and Apple.

Best Free Offline Travel Apps

  1. City guides

A main consideration I make when downloading apps is the option of offline use. A second consideration is the comprehensiveness of the app, especially for guides that show me around the city. What’s the point of downloading a city guide if I don’t have the full story of the city?

There are 3 city guide apps that I find to be useful, with the pros and cons stated under each of them.

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  • Offline map
  • GPS function
  • Provides details on maps for lesser travelled places


  • Takes up considerable phone space


best free offline travel apps


  • Offline map
  • GPS function
  • Suggested self-walking tour itineraries, thus saving the hassle of having to google every attraction of the city or pay for a tour guide
  • Displays distance of route and estimated duration to complete walk.
  • Some cities even have information on shopping areas, antique-hunting and nightlife


  • Each city is an app on its own, so that means you’d have to download 10 apps for 10 cities that you are planning to visit


  1. Navigation

best free offline travel apps

I’m talking about offline public transportation maps in each city, like the subway map. I used the Tube app for London’s subway (view on iTunes, Google Play) and RATP app for Paris’ (view on iTunes, Google Play) a lot while I was in Europe and I can vouch for their mobile-friendliness!


  1. Transport

Transport apps are useful if you are travelling frequently with a certain airline carrier or train, e.g. Voyages-sncf (view on Google Play).


  1. Language

If you’re going to be based in a foreign-speaking country, a translator app will be handy. I’ve only used Google Translate online, but you can download language packs for offline use as well!


  1. Weather

best free offline travel apps

Weather, plays a crucial role in every traveller’s plan. Every night before I sleep, I check next day’s weather so as to plan for my outfit and tweak my itinerary if need be. To be honest, I haven’t found a suitable offline weather app that is free, so my best bet would be to check online using the accommodation’s free Wi-Fi.


  1. Currency converter

Useful if you can’t do mental sums quickly like me. XE Currency is one option, but if you already know your currency exchange, just do it the fool proof way – with your calculator!


  1. Unit converter

If you’re a serial traveller, you would be privy to grocery shopping and constantly facing units of measurements. While I didn’t use such an app while I was in Europe (in retrospect, I wish I did!), a free tool is Converter Plus on iTunes or Unit Converter on Google Play.


  1. Accommodation

best free offline travel apps          best free offline travel apps

These apps are useful for when I need to book accommodation on-the-go. Airbnb and Hostelworld are some of the go-to apps for when I need a roof under my head. I also use Couchsurfing because well, I Couchsurf (and here’s why you should Couchsurf too)!

Get $45 off your first Airbnb stay!

Of course, there are plenty more free travel apps available on Android and Apple, but some of the apps I mentioned are apps that I’ve personally used and stuck with, and hence can vouch for their user-friendliness, comprehensiveness and usefulness!

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25 Replies to “Best Free Offline Travel Apps”

  1. This is a great list. It is so nice to have offline apps. I also loved using the MTX Connect SIM card bc the one card got sent to my US address before my trip and then it worked in every European country. So, an online app I really couldn’t have lived without was Rome2Rio. Its amazing!!

    1. Hi Amber, I loved using Rome2rio on the web too! Makes trip planning a MILLION TIMES easier. Phew! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Cool! Thanks for sharing. Will be checking these out!

  3. Thanks for sharing! These are great.

  4. I always keep my phone on airplane mode when I am over seas – and it makes it SO DIFFICULT to try and figure out where I am going and what I am doing … Unless there is some wifi! Apps to be used without such necessities are essential! AND KEEP ME SANE – lol

    1. Hi Gigi, I totally get what you mean. I get panic attacks every time the internet is lost – so offline apps are something I thankfully can fall back on!

  5. Great list of helpful apps especially when traveling. It can be difficult finding out what you need if you are away from your home area and don’t know anyone there.

  6. These are great tips. New apps are always cropping up and I never can seem to keep up! I especially like the language apps – those are really handy when sign language doesn’t work!!

    1. Hi Natalie! Haha, sign language – the most traditional form of communication. It can be great fun being animated while getting your point across to non-English speakers too sometimes! 😛 But it can be frustrating, especially when I had to do administrative work in France where I did my overseas exchange at.

  7. love travelling

  8. So many great apps here! I used the AirBnB app on my recent trip to Ireland, but I’ll have to get the rest of these before I head out on my next adventure. 🙂

    1. Hi Natalie! Oh yes, Airbnb is another great one. I had app installed in my phone too. Those are online apps we definitely cannot miss out. 😉 Let me know how you feel about the apps when you actually use them during your next travel!

  9. I find it troublesome to keep losing on maps given by the receptionists. It’ll definitely be great to have this comprehensive guide to ease my exchange travelling plans.

  10. offline apps are so important and necessary when travelling, especially since wifi isn’t readily available everywhere! thanks for sharing these apps! 🙂

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  12. I would like to have access to information about Europe and in particular Spain! Thanks for this wonderful service.

  13. This is a great list! I never think to take full advantage of all the apps out there when I travel.

    1. Hi Abby, yes you should try some of them out the next time you travel and let me know what you think! Speaking of which, have you taken part in the giveaway? Try your luck with it!

  14. I would like to have access to information about europe, particularly for netherlands! Thanks so much for this awesome treat

  15. Hi Bel, I want to travel to Europe on my exchange trip (thinking about 3-4weeks). This app will be super useful especially when I dont have access to wifi!! Thank you!

  16. Great apps. We made a list of the best apps to have while traveling in Iceland! Hope you find it of use!
    Happy travels!

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