Bristol, U.K.

Bristol clifton suspension bridge

ada bristol fun

I’m extremely fortunate to have Ada’s kind generosity throughout my stay in Bristol. In fact, if it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have gone to Bristol at all. It was my second trip out of France, and the most relaxing one yet, for I have no travel agendas to speak of, except to do a proper catch up with this old pal of mine whom I have not spoken nor seen at all for 3 years.

Bristol, U.K.

Above shows a slab rock made polished from little kids sliding down. A father is seen encouraging his daughter, not over 3, to slide down unguided. You can never catch an Asian teaching their little ones to embrace nature and the risk the way that this relationship symbolises.

Bristol, U.K.

Bristol, U.K.

The only real sightseeing in Bristol is the Clifton Suspension Bridge (above), and shops.

I did some crazy Marks & Spencer shopping here, for I was deprived of that in France. Poundland is hailed my favourite shop.

I also visited St. Nicholas Market (below), an open-air but sheltered area selling food and craft.

Bristol, U.K.

Bristol, U.K.

Bristol, U.K.

I love exploring markets like these all around Europe. It’ inspirational to see homemakers selling their handicraft and tasting local specialty food, especially in such glorious sunny but wintry weather.

I took 2 trips out during my stay in Bristol, to Cardiff and to the Cotswold. It was charming to listen to British accents and admiring old, historical architecture that still hold its charm up ’til this very day.

I am also lucky to be able to sneak in to University of Bristol‘s main hall and library to get a feel of these English students’ abode.

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Bristol, U.K.

Bristol, U.K.

Most of my expenses here came from shopping for food (translate: nuts and M&S), a little on clothes (such a pity that the winter sale is over when I arrived) and on overpriced food. Then again, everything is twice the price of Singapore’s regular prices. That means a meal outside would easily cost £13.

What I miss most about Bristol is Ada’s clean spacious, not to mention warm, shower, her overstocked fridge and some good ‘ol girl talk. It sure set me up for more fattening sessions in the days that followed. I am grateful how this exchange gives me an opportunity to reunite with people I haven’t met in years, such as with Florian Ze (in Amsterdam) and Clement Cosso (in Paris).

It’s always a touching sight to connect with them again outside of my home country after an eternity. Wish I could meet more of them in London but time was precious and regretfully limited.

Bristol, U.K.

The greatest takeaways from Bristol were that of inspiring poems and The Theory of Everything. UK, I noticed, is extremely on their toes in their organic/ bio/ health-conscious lifestyle. Most of their merchandise, food in particular, are plastered with “organic”, “natural” and “gluten-free”. To my surprise they are very modern in the way they displaced physical cashiers with self-service machines that can “chomp” up your notes!

Bristol, U.K.

Know this:

  1. Bus coaches (Mega Bus and National Express) has power sockets so I don’t have to worry about my battery running dead en route. 😉
  1. Buses are the cheapest way to travel within UK. A journey can cost as little as £1!
  1. Don’t assume the time zones of the neighbouring countries are all the same. It slipped my mind and I arrived 1 hour earlier than I told Ada. I also woke up 1 hour earlier before my bus departed for Cardiff, that could have been better spent sleeping. x.x

Flight Paris-Bristol: 53£, Paris-Bristol
Miscellaneous: 60£
Accommodation: courtesy of Ada

11 Feb 2015, Wed – 16 Feb 2015, Mon

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