Student Travel Series #8: Turning “no”s into “yes”s through travelling

turkey bel around the world student interview

This time, I decided to interview a friend from home, Singapore. Having returned from his international exchange in January this year, I met up with Jereme to hear all about his wonderful Europe stories. The more I heard, the more I reminisced my own exchange in 2015. I always love hearing about my juniors’ own […]

Why Studying A Semester Abroad Will Help Your Job Hunt

castle hill, new zealand

To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries. Click To Tweet If you’ve read my About page (yes I diligently update it!), you’ll know that I recently graduated. I started my first full-time job after Christmas 2016. I say full-time because I’ve been juggling different occupations throughout my growing years in […]

7 Best Countries to Visit in Europe for Exchange Students on a Budget

New York City

The most rewarding aspect of studying abroad is experiencing the culture and vibrant lifestyle of new places. This is perhaps the main reason why exchange students flock to Europe. With cheap student rail passes and budget airlines, students are enabled to work and play without break the bank. Avoid peak tourist season, stay in hostels, […]

How To Make Friends As An Introvert (Like Me)

roys peak, new zealand

These past couple of weeks, I’ve met people from all walks of life. Despite being a self-confessed introvert, I must say that meeting these like-minded people energized and uplifts me. I sure learned a great deal about them. I’ve learned more about how startups work, met entrepreneurs, interacted with creatives (illustrators, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, […]

Student Travel Series #5: Lessons from living in military-enforced Nepal

Nepal Student Travel Series | Bel Around The World

Lance from Travel Addicts shares about his out-of-ordinary experience in Nepal – living in a military-controlled country, and experiencing sex tourism first-hand. He also offers some very wise advise to have fun before our responsibilities set in, and how different the world is outside what we know! 1. What’s your name, age, occupation and country you are […]

Student Travel Series #4: Living abroad to see the world

abbey park leicester

Kathrin is a traveller from Germany, currently living in Leicester to enjoy the wonders of the United Kingdom. She not only loves to experience different cultures, she also loves books and good stories, so blogging came as a natural consequence. Her blog The Ambitious Bee focuses on studying and working abroad and how your career can benefit […]

Student Travel Series #2: How to pay off travel bills while travelling


Today, we speak with Samantha from Samanthaenroute, who shares ways we can foot our travel bills in non-English speaking countries, and the extraordinary connections we make through meeting ordinary people on the road! 1. What’s your name, age, occupation and country you are from? My name is Samantha, I’m 26 years old and from the USA. […]

Student Travel Series #1: Dealing with homesickness…and how to overcome them


I have been SO INCREDIBLY caught up with everything that’s going on in my life that I have less time than I would like to devote to this blog. On top of regular school and projects, working in the gym and conducting personal training sessions (my fitness journey here!), I freelance for several local onlines and […]

Prevent Pickpockets and Travel Worry-Free with These 10 Easy Tips

10 easy tips for new travellers

New to travelling? Travelling alone for the first time? Travelling long-distance? Here are 10 tips to help tide you through the pre-travel anxiety! 1. Limit the number of luggage to bring. There are always roads too rocky and stairs too long when you are carrying so much load. Don’t take lifts and escalators for granted, because not […]