Coney Island, Singapore’s Only Surviving Hidden Jungle

Coney Island Singapore

The moment I heard there was a new island opening in Singapore, I knew it was time to dig out my beloved Canon 100D. and gather my adventurous ex-colleagues on a half-day trip to Coney Island.

Coney Island

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What to do at Coney Island

  1. Be on the hunt for the solitary Brahman bull.

  2. Or the Haw Par Beach Villa.

  3. Act like a kid at the playground that is made from recycled wood from Casuarina trees.

Coney Island

4.Venture off the beaten track.

Coney Island

  1. Get lost in the fields of cattails.

Coney Island

  1. Spot endangered birds, such as the black-crowned night heron, the spotted wood owl, the red junglefowl, changeable hawk-eagle or the red-wattled lapwing.

  2. Check out the 5 beaches, creatively named A, B, C, D and E.

Coney Island beach

  1. And don’t miss the estuary, my favourite location on the island.

Coney Island

9.Take in the sights and smells of nature’s gift, while it is still unspoilt.

Coney Island

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How to go to Coney Island

Coney Island Map

There are 2 entrances to Coney Island, the west and east entrance and it spans 2.4km. The East Entrance begins at Lorong Halus while the West Entrance of Coney Island is more accessible.

By bus: Bus 84 from Punggol bus interchange and alight at The Punggol Settlement. Walk along the waterway to get to the entrance.

Be prepared

  • Toilets are located only at the East Entrance. Be sure to empty your bladder before entering!
  • Bring your own food and hydration supplies.
  • Bring an insect repellent, as rumour has it that mosquitoes and sandflies are rampant. My personal experience (together with my 2 partners-in-crime) deems it as safe though. We escaped unscathed.

Opening hours: 7am to 7pm

Coney Island

Recommended duration at Coney Island: 3 hours, though you can cover it in a much shorter time if you stuck to the main walking path.

Make a trip there soon if you haven’t, before the flora and fauna gets trodden and trampled by inconsiderate souls!

For more of Singapore’s local hunts, check out Chestnut Park, Changi Village, Balestier Road’s local hunts, and Singapore’s last surviving village (kampong)!

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18 October 2015, Sunday

8 Replies to “Coney Island, Singapore’s Only Surviving Hidden Jungle”

  1. I love Singapore. .mainly around Christmas

    1. Is that so? I would think it’s more festive in the Western countries than Singapore though!

      1. I suppose, but you have the best decorations . I loved seeing Orchard St all decked out in pink last year

        1. Ah yes it is. Orchard road is the highlight every Christmas season. Come check it out this year too!

          1. I dont think this year , but maybe you can put up some photos

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