Colmar, is one of my favourite communes I’ve visited. It is a little similar to Bruges in Belgium. I was blessed with the perfect clearest, brightest weather, which heightened my appreciation of the half-timbered houses.

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How to go to Colmar

As a little commune of 67 square kilometres, it can be covered in a morning, or roughly 3 hours. It costs 12.60€ for a 30-minute train ride from Strasbourg, 6.30€ if you are a student with a Carte Jeune SNCF card.


To get to the tourism office: From the train station, follow the traffic along the main road of Avenue De La Republique. Head to Rue Des Têtes, cross a river, walk a little further and on your left, you will see a square. Walk ahead to this square and follow the signs of the tourism office. The map they give gives you a route that you can follow. While I did follow the route, I found myself more enamoured of the buildings and little streets. Once in a while a canal will intersect your path. In that moment, I’ll be lost in time as I find my eyes trailing the flow of the waters.

One word to describe Colmar: Romantic.

What to see in Colmar

  1. Do not miss the street Rue des Boulangers and Rue des Serruriers at the beginning of your walk.
  2. Place de la Cathedrale has a massive cathedral that you definitely will not miss.
  3. Rue des Tanneurs is at the intersection of 2 rivers, offering stunning views. Then again, almost every view in Colmar is worth capturing.
  4. At the end of Rue de la Poissonnerie, you will find Little Venice, the most photogenic spot in Colmar.


I need my house to be in this colour- pink trimmings and turquoise windows! If I lived here, I would pick my house according to the colour of the building. I should just move to Colmar already.


One of my aims at the end of exchange is to master “thank you” in all the different languages in the European regions I’ve been to. 😉

*IMG_8677  colmar france

Love the way you tilt, lamp post.

colmar france lamp post cute tilt


colmar france street photography

I make it a point to capture street names in every city I go to. Each city has their own unique font and design. I hope to make a collage of them at the end of my exchange. :]

colmar france

colmar france




colmar france

While I did visit most of the touristic spots, I left their pictures out in this post.

Forget about the tourist trail. Sidewalks and regular half-timbered houses are the real attractions of Colmar!

That said, if you need a list to tick off when visiting each city/ town, here are the list of places for visitors of Colmar:

  1. The House of Heads
  2. Pfister house
  3. Adolph house
  4. The former Guard House
  5. Town Hall
  6. Tanner’s district
  7. Former Customs House- “Koîfhus”
  8. Law Court
  9. The Fishmonger’s district
  10. Little Venice

What to eat in Colmar

Some of the local food specialties of Colmar are: Macarons (below)

colmar france local food


Live-sized Kugelhopf (below)




Such a cute gingerbread man shop I walked into. Even though I’m not a gingerbread fan, these designs simply spell out F-U-N!

colmar france

colmar france


It is common for locals to prepare their own food from home and sit by the river/ grass/ fountains for a picnic. This practice should be adopted more commonly in Singapore too! It’s not like we have a lack of public space.
(Mental note to prepare more food for myself back in Singapore.)

colmar france


Look at these impressive creatively decorated shops!



Love the tableware designs. Makes me want to get a set of my own so bad. But first I’ve got to have my house painted in pastel colours and have bright-coloured windows. Teehee.


If I haven’t said it already, I love Colmar!

Can I retire here please? And if you aren’t even half-impressed by this little commune yet, you might like to know that all these pictures are in its original form. 🙂

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29 April 2015, Wednesday

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