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Caffé B is bar and dining restaurant in Marina Bay Sands that amalgamates Italian and Japanese cuisines, alongside fine Italian and unique Japanese wines. WL and I were invited to try out Caffé B’s Christmas Menu last month, and my, were we mind blown! Not just by the posh interior designs, but also by the aesthetics and tastes of the food.


Upon entering the restaurant, we were greeted with arrays of wine from different regions. With chandeliers hanging from Caffé B’s restaurant, the cosy woody interior exudes a sense of warmth as we dined under the soft, dim lighting.


The service of their Japanese sommelier was impeccable. Our wines were constantly refilled (they spare no effort to share the good stuff!), and he makes sure our plates are always clean.

Caffé Christmas Bar Menu

$68++ for 2 pax

  1. Smoked Salmon and Tomato Salsa served in Yellow Corn Meal Shell

caffe-b christmas bar menu Smoked Salmon and Tomato Salsa served in Yellow Corn Meal Shell

Everything is homemade in this restaurant by the chef, including this tortilla shell. I have a soft spot for crispy tortillas, so this was the perfect appetizer to whet my appetite!

Wine: Torent Brut DOC

  1. Roasted Young Tom Turkey Breast and Roasted Striploin of Beef

caffe-b christmas-bar-menu-roasted-young-tom-turkey-breast-roasted-striploin-of-beef

The pleasant aroma of the turkey lingers when we chewed on it. I couldn’t help but ask the chef how he did the turkey. He enlightened us with the fact that it was cooked sous-vide style – keeping the turkey meat in a vacuum and cooking it with a circulator for an hour before serving it.

While not usually a fan of steak due to its chewiness and sometimes inconsistent texture, I couldn’t help but admire the way the chef cooked it in just the right doneness, retaining the juice from the meat and its succulence.

This dish was served with brussel sprouts, caramelised pineapple rings, parmesan grilled tomato, chateau potatoes, buttered chestnuts and baby corn, accompanied with cranberry and veal jus.

caffe-b christmas-bar-menu-roasted-young-tom-turkey-breast-roasted-striploin-of-beef1

Wine: Il Pollenza Magnum 2005

This Italian wine has a sharp, intense oak aroma with hints of berries, a perfect complement to the red meats.

  1. Vanilla Gelato Casatta

caffe-b christmas-bar-menu-vanilla-gelato-casatta
This hazelnut sponge filled with a layer of vanilla gelato, covered with infused brandy and topped with Italian meringue has got to be the prettiest dessert I’ve ever seen. Perhaps because it was served on a appetite-stimulating red coloured dish, but I knew for sure that I would devour this whole dish on my own if I could. Served with wild berries and and raspberry coulis, the almond-coated chocolate biscuit has got to be my favourite part of the dish!

Wine: Ben Rye Passito di Pantelleria DOP 2013
The sweet white wine has its sweetness originating from the fermented dried grapes. Paired with this dessert, it was too much sweetness in one setting for my tastebuds.

Caffé Christmas Menu


  1. Duck Liver Terrine Crocrante

Served with an assortment of charbroiled yellow watermelon, kumquat compote, fig, choya jelly, green apple chutney, black berry, pea tendril and crispy forcaccia, we were presented withan array of small bites of various tastes and textures that run the gamut from sweet to sour, crispy to soft.


Wine: Torent Brut DOC

2. Chef’s Fresh Pot of the Day

3. Sakura Denbu Risotto

caffe-b sakura-denbu-risotto

This is the epitome of an Italian-Japanese fusion. Risotto infused with proseco is wrapped in seaweed, sushi style. It is served with sautéed onion and a garnish of sakura irin and bonito flakes to complete the meal.

Wine: Magrez-Aruga’ Koshu 2009
The citrus fruit aromas emanating from this wine are typical of the Koshu grape used in its fermentation.

4. Poached Lemon Sole and True Cream

caffe-b christmas menu Poached Lemon Sole & True Cream

Garnished with deep fried Julienne of yellow, green zucchini and carrot, white true cream foam. Served with a side of yellow chanterelle, edamame, champagne mini pear and Mazano pearl tomato.

Wine: Ciampagnis Vieris Chardonnay Friuli Isonzo 2013

5. Duo of Lamb Loin


Even if you never fancied lamb, the chewy and springy taste to this dish is going to have you swoon. The loin is marinated with herbs and mustard, accompanied by a cut of lightly seasoned loin topped with fried sesame.

Wine: Il Pollenza Magnum 2005

  1. White Forest Verrine Style

caffe-b white-forest-verrine-style

What a creative way to present dessert, don’t you think? The layers are made of white chocolate mousse with sour cherry compote, and mascarpone with matcha chantilly. The top layer is garnished with matcha soil and raspberry to complete the look! I skipped straight to the matcha soil, finding the cream cheese too heavy and cherry compote too sour for my liking.

Wine: Ben Rye Passito di Pantelleria DOP 2013

Caffé B is running a Christmas Special promotion for a limited time from now to 31 December. The Caffé B bar three-course Christmas menu is priced at $68++ (for 2 pax) while the Caffé restaurant six-course Christmas menu is priced at $148++.

For a restaurant situated in Marina Bay Sands, we would expect food of any kind to be priced exorbitantly. We found Caffe B’s Christmas Bar Menu though, to be extremely worth it though, especially when this includes wine pairings for every single dish (including their desserts!).

Caffé B 
2 Bayfront Avenue, #B1-15 & 01-83 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Marina Bay Sands, 018972 
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Special thanks to Caffé for sharing the delectable food! All opinions remain my own.

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