Favourite Student Hangouts in Cambridge, MA

Harvard-Universtity; Favourite Student Hangouts in Cambridge, MA

You might not have heard of Cambridge, but what about Harvard? Hell yes.

Cambridge, Massachusetts, has long been a city with a strong student focus. Here are five top student hangouts for every season.

1. Charles River

Bridge-over-Charles-River-in-Harvard, Favourite Student Hangouts in Cambridge, MA

Known for being a popular spot for recreational activities, the Charles River cuts through Cambridge and is close to many popular institutions, such as Harvard University and MIT.

There are many activities to do here on weekdays or weekends. Dragon boating, kayaking, and sailing are popular as both competitive and leisure activities.

You can also take a stroll through the park or have a picnic with your friends on the riverfront. It’s a great environment for those seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

2. Harvard Square

Harvard-Universtity Favourite Student Hangouts in Cambridge, MA
Harvard Universtity Yard

Located in the heart of Cambridge’s central business district, Harvard Square houses many different places of interest. When night falls, the streets are lit and abuzz with beautiful street performances.

You’ll see many students from Harvard University and neighbouring colleges hanging out at bookstores, cafés, theatres, and boutique shops. It’s certainly a great place to be to destress and enjoy the lovely, warm atmosphere.

3. Café ArtScience

Café ArtScience presents an interesting twist on the conventional café. It’s designed to look like a cross between a polished science laboratory and a futuristic art gallery. The food here features both creativity and innovation, thanks to customer feedback and scientific research.

Imagine that you purchase your meal, and instead of eating it, you inhale it. This is an example of what you can expect here, with the latest food revolution, AeroLife. A visit here will certainly provide you with a unique dining experience, as there are tons of other breakthrough food revolutions. The café attracts a young student crowd because of its lovely ambience and delicious food.

4. Cambridge Public Library

Harvard-Universtity; Favourite Student Hangouts in Cambridge, MA
Harvard-University at night

Widely known as a library for the masses, the Cambridge Public Library provides numerous activities for you to do in addition to reading. Students can rest on the grass outside the library while having a meal, endless streams of kids enter the library to play or read in the kids’ section, and many others simply find a cozy spot to surf the net on their laptops while reading their books.

This facility, which was renovated in 2008, rivals any modern library in the world. In addition to studying, students can relax here by listening to music or watching a movie, have group meetings in a quiet area, or enjoy lunch in a serene setting.

5. The Comedy Studio

Who doesn’t like a good laugh? Located on the third floor of the Hong King Restaurant, this place serves up huge laughs for students and friends alike. The Comedy Studio is frequently packed, and it boasts an intimate and friendly atmosphere so you can get up close to the comedians. There’s no better way to spend your night if you’re looking to sit back and have a good time with friends. Be sure to book your tickets in advance to avoid any disappointments. Don’t miss it. Catching a show here will surely be worth your time!

Even if you aren’t privileged enough to be a student of Harvard, Cambridge is still a city worth exploring. Cambridge is even home to a range of accommodation options that range from $60 to $450 per night.


Have you visited Cambridge? What are some of the students’ favourite hangouts?

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