In today’s world, travelling has become rather trendy. No matter the purpose, business or pleasure, travel can almost seem like its own career with frequent travellers becoming seasoned veterans. Even students (like me) travel a lot, too!

Despite the excitement of travelling, there can be a few aspects of it that aren’t as appealing. This would definitely pertain to the process of travelling to one’s destination.

No matter your mode of transportation, it seems that long waits and even delays are a given.

Sometimes these can be the result of weather problems such as winter storms or more recently, the global tech failure that led to British Airways cancelling numerous flights.

Regardless of the exact reason for the delay, there are a number of activities that you can enjoy while you pass the time.

1. Play games

One activity that can be rather engaging is gaming. Games vary in design and style which means that anyone can find something they enjoy.

Many airports will have gaming areas within the terminals. These could include classic arcade games or more modern titles. Expect to find a cost associated with these games.

Other travellers may instead choose to game on their personal devices.

2. Yoga

Maldives Taj Exotica swing luxury yoga

Yoga in the middle of the ocean, Maldives

For those that wish to move a bit while waiting, many airports are now offering yoga rooms.

Some airports have dedicated yoga spots with instructional videos to help guide travellers through a workout. Since most people do not travel with their yoga gear, complimentary items such as practice mats, stretch bands and exercise balls are available.

To keep the time short, most workouts last twenty minutes which make it easy for anyone to fit in a workout.

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3. Brisk walk

Hobbiton Movie Set Tour Lord of The Rings Matamata walk

Hobbiton Movie Set Tour, New Zealand

Many travellers find it rather uncomfortable to be seated for long period of time. To combat this, many travellers have found time spent waiting for transit to be ideal to fit in a workout. While running through a terminal isn’t advisable, rapid speed walking is encouraged. In fact, some airports have designed walking paths within the airport. Some even have multiple paths from which to choose which can provide travellers with different scenery as they pass the time walking.

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4. Get (real) work done

Some people may find that while being forced to sit for several hours provides them with a perfect opportunity to get some work done. This also serves another purpose in that it can make you feel like you can really relax when you arrive at your destination, knowing you are caught up.

While just about every airport offers free Wi-Fi, many mobile phones can also be used as a hot spot to provide service. Also, charging stations can easily be found to recharge your device as you work.

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5. Pamper yourself

the edge spa balinese massage relax-2

Balinese Spa at The Edge, Bali

Knowing full well that many people will have to endure long waits, many day spas and massage parlours are being opened at international airports.

Consider having a mani-pedi or a facial treatment while waiting to depart. This can be a timesaver preparing for a trip.

Instead of carving time out of your busy schedule to get your toes beach-ready, use the inevitable wait time. For those anxious about flying, having a massage helps you spend the time unwinding before leaving.

6. Shopping

Most airports offer a variety of shops, selling  high end items such as clothing and accessories. Expect to find name brand merchandise that may be difficult to find where you live.

Some stores offer shipping services where you can have anything you purchase shipped to your home as to not overburden you with luggage.

If you do not want to spend your budgeted travel money just yet, window shopping in these shops can also be fun. Perhaps you might decide to stop in one your return trip to purchase a coveted item.

7. Read

A long time popular favourite activity for travelling, reading can literally take your mind away to a far off place as the clock ticks. Most transit stations have a book store of some sort that offers a wide array of reading material.

If you don’t come prepared, simply choose from one of their magazines or a novel. Digital copies of books are also popular. You can find popular titles to download for apps such as Kindle or the Nook. Most stations have free Wi-Fi, so you could spend the time downloading some titles not only to read while you wait but to read while vacationing as well.

Any of these suggestions can help pass the time in a productive manner when travelling. You may find that you are able to try out more than one activity. Who knows, perhaps you can learn something new while waiting on your transportation to whisk you away to your vacation destination.

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