Feeling Frozen? Here’s why you should Let it Go…

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Sometimes we reach crossroads in our lives. One path is leading you straight into the unknown. Another path looks familiar and safe, as if you’ve walked it 100 times before. Deep inside of you, something is saying to go for the mysterious route. Yet, another part of you is begging that you will stick to what you know. Before you make an actual choice, please remember how short life actually is.

These crossroads won’t always magically appear in front of you. In fact, it’s highly likely that you’ll only have a few moments to witness them. Life is FOR living. No matter where you begin, it doesn’t mean that you have to end up in the exact same place. So, if you can relate to this and you’re feeling frozen in your choices. Here are some tips from Cez and Agness from eTramping to help you through the process…

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Time doesn’t Freeze

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Time doesn’t last forever! We cannot freeze time and we can’t keep going over the same things in our mind.

When it comes to travel, you may not have another chance to go and take a crazy adventure into the Arctic. Or a grand tour around Greenland. Life just doesn’t work that way.

So many people regret things in life. As The Guardian recently posted, people are taking to social media and publishing their regrets. Staying stuck in the past will NOT allow you to move forward. Take the plunge and admit that you’re desperate for change…

Analysis Paralysis

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Have you ever heard of the term analysis paralysis? This is where you over think something SO much that it prevents you from actually doing it. This form of paralysis is real and it stops you from living a full life full of happiness.

By living in your mind you’re not thriving in your life. You can do anything and be anyone you want to be. Yet, you have to be brave and take action. Nothing will happen for you and it’s time to stop waiting.

Take control of your own destiny and travel to where you want to be…

Society says NO

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A lot of us have been brought up in a ‘box’ lifestyle. That’s when it is frowned upon to take a leap out of the box and be different. Traditions will sometimes change and culture is constantly transforming. If society is telling you to stay in the box and keep quiet, why do you think that is?

Maybe others around you are too scared to do the same thing. They may want to oppress you so that they don’t feel alone. Be courageous, a lot of people out there love to travel. In fact, independent travel is a growing trend. Join in if you want to live life outside the box!

Temptations of Travel

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Let go of what is expected. Once you’ve decided you’re ready to travel, there will be plenty of people dictating on what you should do. For instance, the best time to go or how long you should go for. Society sometimes labels the nomadic lifestyle as a ‘phase’ which individuals grow tired of.

Yet, you may fall in love with this way of life. That’s when you begin to merge your travel with your work. Supporting your lifestyle is important and you must understand that you can do it your own way. Anything is possible once you set your mind to it. That’s the beauty of a travelling life!

Alternative Styles of Travel

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So, there are many forms of travel. You can hitchhike, fly, skate or even sail your way around the world. The best thing about letting it all go is deciding how you want to proceed. There’s no rule book out there to dictate your journey.

There are those who want to participate in exciting excursions and there are some who enjoy Antarctic Cruises. If you want, you could even mix and match your adventure so that you get to experience it all! There are no limits.

Treat yourself and float away from the stress and anxiety of expectations…

Inner Peace

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What you may find surprising once you take a solo venture out into the world is the inner peace. You’re allowing yourself to reconnect with your mind.

In a hectic routine, we neglect our mental health. We allow ourselves to get caught up in the rat race and tend to forget our purpose and our true desires.

Once you leave that environment, you’ll notice how clear your thoughts are. It’s as if you’re meeting up with an old friend. The familiarity is there but it will take some time to get used to it again.

What isn’t healthy is taking on other people’s thoughts and desires. You’re lucky enough to be granted life. Use it for your own benefit and respect your aspirations and needs.

Just Let it Be

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Hiking in Flores, Indonesia
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As you let it go, you’ll also let it be. Slowly, you’ll accept that the nomadic lifestyle was made for you. You’ll start to build a life around your true self. By letting it go, you’re opening up a realm of opportunity and incredible pathways. You may even end up somewhere TOTALLY different but feel at home. As if you were always meant to be there. If you never try, you’ll never know, right? Don’t try too hard and force change. It will come naturally.

The first step is acknowledging that you’re frozen. The second step is to de-freeze. There are many people out there willing to support you on your journey and you shouldn’t feel alone. Recognising your needs is a brave step forward. The rest is there to unravel at your own pace…

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