This Chinese New Year, I suggested to my parents to head to Phuket for a quick getaway while making full use of the long weekend in Singapore.

I’ve been to Phuket in 2012, the first (of many) time I went overseas without my parents. I’d enjoyed it, despite the tourist crowd, and I’d expected my parents to, too. While they enjoyed island hopping, they weren’t too pleased with the incessant crowd, a common sight especially when you’re at Soi Bangla.

Has Phuket become run down with tourists that it has lost its appeal?

We’ve all seen stunning pictures of Phuket’s famous beaches Patong, Karon and Kata.

What the photos don’t show you are the beaches in peak season when they are full of tourists and visitors. Not quite the idyllic spot that many first imagined aye?

Yet, it is still possible to visit Thailand’s beautiful beach away from these crowds. Here are four hidden beaches in Phuket that offer peace and quiet.

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Four Hidden Beaches of Phuket

1. Ao Sane


Hidden away on the island’s southwest coast is Ao Sane. The best way to describe the beach is tranquil.

Ao Sane is one of those places you have to know that it exists to be able to find it. It may not be the longest or sandiest of the Phuket beaches, but it offers solitude.

There is a small restaurant serving Thai food and seafood and lots of shade from the trees.

To get to the beach, you have to drive west from Royal Yacht Club, go through the tunnel under the resort, and follow the road up the hill until you see a sign for the beach.

Exact location here.

2. Hua Beach


If you are looking for a simple beach comprising of the sea and the sand without the tourist traps, then Hua is the place for you.

Phuket Observer described the beach as being on the north coast of the headland between Kamala and the Thavorn Beach Village.

There are no sun loungers and only one simple restaurant. It is possible to find yourself as the only person on the beach, a rare treat in Phuket.

Yet with a bit of preparation, this beach can become a personal paradise.

One reason why the beach is not as crowded as others is because it is north facing and loses the sun at around three in the afternoon.

To get to the beach, go north over the hills from Patong toward Kamala and as the road flattens, take a left turn. After 1.8 km, there will be a sign to the beach.

Exact location here.

3. Banana Beach


Banana Beach is a 180-meter stretch of paradise that remains one of Phuket’s best kept secrets.

Despite the beach being located between Naithon and Bang Toa beaches and next to the one of Phukets most exclusive 5-star resorts, it remains peaceful.

Travel Fish called the atmosphere on the beach “rustic”, more so than the nearby tourist beaches, with only one restaurant serving seafood.

The beach can only be reached either by a short jungle walk or by longboat, which can be taken from other nearby beaches, making it perfect for travellers who don’t mind making an effort to find hidden gems.

To get to the beach, drive to Naithon Beach on Route 4018 and continue south for 2km. You will have to watch out for the red beach sign to get to Banana Beach.

Exact location here.

4. Nui Beach


Nui Beach is a controversial choice as it is the only beach on this list you have to pay to use (250 Baht per adult).

That said, it is one of the island’s best beaches away from crowds. There are no jet skis or longboats drawn up on the beach, making it a lot more undisturbed than the more popular beaches.

With the shoreline palm trees and clear water, Nui Beach is one of Phuket’s most beautiful beaches. The beach also has corals underwater, making it great place to snorkel, with minimum disturbance from other swimmers.

Another reason why the beach isn’t crowded is due to its accessibility. According to Scuba Cat Diving, Nui Beach is one the hardest beaches to get to and can only reached by a dirt track. Visitors will either have to get a cab or drive a 4×4 1 km down to the beach.

Exact location here.

Travelling to Phuket, Thailand

Getting to Phuket to discover the hidden beaches is simple. One of the cheapest way to get there is by flying with budget airlines.

A word of caution: Using budget airlines often warrant hidden fees. A lack of research could make your journey a lot more expensive. This can include extra fees when booking using credit or debit cards.

It is one thing to find a hidden beach, another to find a hidden surprise in your travel fees. For travellers coming from further abroad, most airlines connect to Phuket via Thailand.

I hope this article has given you some useful tips and advice if you are visiting Phuket in the near future. It is one of the world’s most beautiful islands to experience (as with most Thailand islands) and it can be even more fun for those who are on the hunt for hidden beaches!

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