Visiting Ghent, Belgium For Free!

Ghent, Belgium

Did you know, Ghent is crowned “Creative City of Music” in honour of its many famous festivals and music schools, and its more than 600 rock and pop bands.

Cyclist-friendly, clean, unpolluted, medieval. Best part was that it’s not overly touristy i.e. crowded. There is peacefulness and authenticity that came from it.

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What to do and see in Ghent (and cost NOTHING):

Ghent, Belgium

1. Werregarenstraat is a secret street in Ghent, the only place where graffiti is legal. Only locals know of this hideout. If you’re in Ghent, you HAVE to visit it and be awed by the kaleidoscope of colours. If you look hard enough, you may learn a thing or two about life, like the quote I found (below).

Ghent, Belgium

2. Patershol neighbourhood – meander through the houses and fall in love with them. This might have been the turning point where I started falling in love with Belgium.


3. Graslei, a row of traditional crow-stepped gable roof lines across the river awaits the perfect capture. These mellow brickwork structures in the city centre of Ghent throw you into the medieval times.


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Major landmarks in Ghent:

1. St. Bavo’s Cathedral

2. Belfry


14th century 95m high that’s a UNESCO World Heritage list.

3. St. Nicholas’ Church


4. Gravensteen

Other beautiful brickwork buildings in Ghent that have captured my fancy are shown below. Imagine walking on cobblestoned walkways, peering through narrow sidewalks, with the smell of rain fresh in the air, leisurely pedestrians passing your way and occasionally chancing upon riversides. This is what I absolutely love. Similar to Colmar and Strasbourg in France, it is by far my most ideal little town side to retire in!

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Unless you pay to climb up the Belfry, all of these landmarks are absolutely free! Bring along your excited heart, your curious eyes and your upbeat feet to discover this lovely little town called Ghent. The historic centre is walkable, so you save on transport costs!

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