Heidelberg, Germany

Heidelberg Germany

Our first stop from Frankfurt after reuniting with Brigitte was Heidelberg! To find out about the reason behind this reunion, the story goes on in A Tale of A Touching Reunion Across Continents, After 25 Years.

Love the weather and the buildings on this chilly May day.

Heidelberg Germany stand

The old bridge:

Heidelberg Germany bridge

Heidelberg Germany parents

Heidelberg Castle:

Heidelberg Germany castle

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An old building that was turned into a hotel today:

Heidelberg Germany hotel close up

The beautiful houses across the river along the mountains:

Heidelberg Germany

It was a short stop en route to the South, in this little town of Heidelberg, which holds its own unique rustic charms. It seems to be filled with tourists more than locals these days.

You can read more about the getting around Heidelberg in this Heidelberg City Guide.

The other pitstops we did was in GeorgensmuündUlm and Munich, all while enjoying the views of Bavaria en route.

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2 May 2015, Sat

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