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How To Choose The Right Furniture For Your RV Or Campervan

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Travelling by car is a way of life that has existed for almost a century now. It’s now a global trend more than ever.

One hundred years ago, Henry Ford launched the mass production of his legendary vehicles. Immediately after that, when cars became available for everybody, Americans and then Europeans began to travel the length and breadth of the continent, searching for so-beloved freedom and adventures.

Caravanning began from cars, and a little bit later, appeared first mobile homes. Ever since that time, it has forever taken place in the hearts of travellers around the world.

Caravanning has its own romance: you can spontaneously change your route, stop whenever and wherever you want, and not worry about the overnight stay – your home is always with you. Camping is an integral part of caravanning. Basically, it’s a huge parking lot for the moving houses.

Camping with views, West Coast, usa

For a small fee, you can get a place for your vehicle, the ability to fill up your tanks with water, access to electricity, and a designated waste disposal area. In more simple campsites, you’ll have a place for a tent, a shower, and a toilet. More expensive ones have cafes, shops, playgrounds, and even swimming pools.

If you want to spend the whole summer camping, book a space in advance, as the demand for such service is relatively high as usual. 

Although these campsites offer a wide range of helping solutions, having your mobile homes properly equipped is always better than nothing. Having your own equipment provides more security and comfort; you won’t have to count on campsites having the equipment you need to wind down for the day.

Why choose RV or campervan travel over long car road trips?


It’ll be the best idea to take a camper to visit the small towns, abandoned castles, parks, and recreation areas. Also, access to secondary roads between the small cities, not the highways, will become that “out of reach” places that sets you apart from the photos of other bloggers.

If you want to spend a night under the bright stars and wake up to the singing of birds but still be in isolation, a campervan gives you the option to.

Among the other advantages is that large groups of friends still can save money on travelling. Instead of taking several cars and booking hotel rooms, you’ll only need one camper.

Nevertheless, for families with children, it’ll be more convenient to choose an RV over a campervan, as youngsters will have more space to roamd throughout the journey. 

Food, toilet, and entertainment are available 24/7 in a RV, plus daytime sleep is at the snap of your fingers. What more might travelling parents want?

And last but not least, if you dream of going on a trip with your dog or cat, travelling by a campervan or RV will be a great solution, for all participants will have space to roam and the flexibility to stop whenever and wherever they want.

Besides, in a long car journey, you’ll constantly be carrying your suitcases to the hotel in the evening, taking the rolled t-shirt out, and in the morning push them back in again. The truth is that lugging around your baggage can be very tiresome.

On the contrary, when you have a campervan or RV, you can always return to your own accommodation and stay there until the end of the trip. I assure you that it’s going to be your “home sweet home” in the first 3 days. 

Knowing whether you’ll enjoy a camper trip or not is simple. If you aren’t afraid of trying something new and want to look at travelling from another perspective, you’ll embrace the campervan lifestyle. 

Moving house arrangement 

campervan, road trip, Baker Beach, San Francisco, United States

RVs and caravans are fully equipped for a dwelling but can sometimes be different externally and internally.

All of them are supplied with a kitchen, sleeping places, toilet, and heating. Modern models have a shower, air conditioning, satellite dish, etc. The living area has a table with benches.

Also, it can be a table with a U-shaped group of seats. The number of seats depends on the capacity of the model. The mobile home has several windows that can be closed by blinds, as well. Usually, they are furnished with mosquito nets and sun shades. 

Comfortable furniture is key to a successful road trip 

RV and camper accessories are expensive, and when it’s time to replace your dining table, you might be shocked at the sticker price.

Truth is, you do have other more affordable choices for replacing that old rickety table and accompanying benches. Also, you don’t need to contact a specific company if you want to deal with the selection. Online furniture stores offer such a wide variety of dining sets that you can easily find one small enough for use in your RV or camper. 

For instance, the so-called “kitchen module” or set is one of the options for car furniture, which can be both movable or built-in.

It’s the unique decision that makes your car so multifunctional and flexible. Ease of removal and installation becomes a major advantage.

Of course, when choosing such a specific design, as camper furniture, many factors should be taken into account ( materials, external dimensions, equipment, fittings, and functionality). This is why we propose you familiarise yourself with a couple of ideas and helpful advice.

Here are some things to look for as you shop for RV dining sets.

Lightweight outdoor dining sets are preferred


Many dining sets are designed for use outdoors, particularly in gardens, are perfect for your RV or camper. Look for those that are lightweight and fold or stack for easy storage.

Here, materials are also important. For example, aluminium doesn’t rust, but other options like plastic, PVC, and ratan can also be considered.

The outdoor dining sets available are usually designed to withstand the elements, which means they should be more than adequate for your travels.

Also, if your destination is a country with cold weather, wrought iron and wood are the best textiles for such outdoor sets. These materials can withstand bad weather, no matter rain or snow. 

Choose a sturdy pedestal style table

oregon Camping on the West Coast, usa

Choosing a dining table that sits on a pedestal will ensure it has the stability to stay on its feet during movement and turns.

At the same time, you don’t want the table to be too heavy to move. Look at the weight specifications of the dining set, and make sure the garden-style outdoor dining table is lightweight so that you can move it to the outdoors at campgrounds or RV parks.

Take into account that furniture for RV is usually heavily exploited during the transportations, and that’s why the fittings of such a table should be not only strong but durable, as ordinary tables will fail after one active season of use.

In addition to these requirements, you have to be aware that different RV and camper furniture manufacturers create it from various types of wood and styles, which can impose some restrictions on installation.

The colour of the walls, the general style of the facades, and even the handles – all of these play a role when you’re choosing dining furniture. 

Consider how you’ll attach the table to the floor

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RVs and campers get jostled quite a bit when on the road, and as such most of the furnishings in your RV are probably attached to the floor.

When you replace your camper dining set, pay close attention to how it was attached to the floor. You may be able to reuse the same hardware for the new dining table.

Look at the style of the table and make sure the base can be attached to the camper’s floor, with either the same or new hardware.

You may want to replace the hardware even if it’s reusable. If you want to move the dining set outdoors on occasion, use fasteners that will keep the steady table while also being easily removed.

Look for furniture sets with a dining bench option

If your RV is already set up with a built-in dining area, it probably offers benches rather than chairs for the seating. If you want to keep this design, look for dining sets that have an optional dining bench. The bench can be more firmly affixed to the floor and maintains the integrity of the original design.

Don’t be afraid to get a dining set that includes chairs and a bench because you’re worried about space. If you plan on using the dining set outside at all, you should get at least 2 chairs, preferably ones that stack. This way, you can keep the chairs out of the way most of the time, but if you want to move the dining set outside, you can use them instead of unbolting the bench.

Use quality mounts

The lifespan of the whole dining furniture is determined by how it’s attached to the vehicle’s walls. If you want to keep peace of mind while driving, the mounts should be among your priorities.

The consequences of poor-quality assembly can be extraneous noises that’ll distract travellers from a pleasant trip and gorgeous landscapes outside the window.

Also, pay attention that it’ll be better to fix furniture to the floor, but not to the walls. 

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