If you’ve been reading my blog for a while or you obsess over your favourite Insta-travellers, you have probably considered making your own travel or adventure blog.

Maybe you’re looking for the perfect way to put all of your travels into one spot or you need an excuse to pack a bag and hit the road. Regardless of your reason, there’s plenty of room on the internet for you to share your thoughts, experiences, and unique personality with the world.

Starting your own blog may feel like a large undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be. You can start small and work at your own pace or dive right in and start posting right away. We’re here to help you learn more about how to create posts and a space where you can express yourself and create a brand.

As a blogger, you’ll have the opportunity to make a difference, share your knowledge, and express yourself. You want your blog to be as unique as you are, so make sure you plan your content and design to catch the attention of your audience.

Here are the steps that will get you started on starting your own blog.

How to Create a Travel Blog that is Uniquely YOU

girl in traditional costume, bridge, punakha, bhutan

Wouldn’t pass up wearing a kira, a Bhutanese traditional costume!

1. Find your niche

If you love camping or going to hidden destinations, make your blog about that. Most travel blogs that fail to gain a great following are too generic. When you find a niche topic, you’re more likely to create a rapport with readers that share your interest. Examine how you found your niche.

2. Come up with a unique and wonderful title

There are so many generic blogs out there. Set yourself apart and set your blog up for success with a title and domain name that captures who you are and what you care about.

Avoid the cliches of “travel” and “adventure” and think about what makes your perspective different. You can always ask your friends and family what makes you, you. Often our friends know us better than anybody else, and they can encapsulate what makes us fun, lovable, and worth spending time with. You can also work from a nickname you already have.

3. Create a layout that is inviting and exciting

When it comes to designing your layout, keep it simple, clean, and keep it one-of-a-kind. Make sure your readers can easily navigate your page but make sure you choose colours that you like and a font that you think expresses your personality.

For me, I like soft colours and flowy fonts, and my whole new blog layout will soon reflect that. I’ve been working with my blog designer and am excited to see how the end result will turn out to be!

When you first create your blog, you will want to anticipate what pages you’ll want in the future. I know it’s hard to think ahead and plan too far out, but reading articles and blogging tips and guides can help a lot!

Punakha Dzong, Bhutan

Punakha Dzong, Bhutan

4. Tell your story the way you want to tell it

Begin your blog off right with telling your story with authenticity. Make an About Me page that will give readers an accurate sense of who you are, where you come from, and what matters to you.

You can also give your reader an idea of why you started travelling and what you’ve learned from travelling. For a fun twist, post family pictures of your first trip.

5. Create content that people want to read

One of the easiest ways to learn what followers are interested in is by exploring your favourite blogs from an analytical view. Think about what subjects your favourite blogger covers and how they approach the subject. They’re probably specific and fun to read, and they probably use conversational language.

6. Use plenty of photos and/or videos to bring your adventures to life

Nothing makes a blog come alive like having the perfect pictures. If you want to reflect back on some of your earlier trips, but you don’t have high-quality, clear photos, try using free high-quality black and white stock photos. The black and white aesthetic will give your posts that reminiscent quality. This is excellent when you’re trying to come up with content at the beginning of the process.

7. Establish a following

Many first time bloggers don’t know how to build and find their following. The easiest way is to start with the friends you already have. Post your blog to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Give readers a little preview of the content. You can also try sharing your blog on Reddit if there’s a sub for your niche.

You can also gain a lot of followers by using the right hashtags. Don’t spam up your posts with unrelated tags, though. Here are some interviews of secrets that top travel Instagrammers reveal on maintaining a nice feed.

8. Ask for feedback and interaction

Ask for feedback from people who read your blog. Make your blog a spot where readers can engage with you and share their own experiences. When you’re first developing your blog, ask friends and family what would make it better, what would make it more “you,” and what they like about your blog.

Use this feedback to improve your content and design. Try to keep it consistent to who you are by going back to your About Me page every now and then.

9. Engage and build a community

While you want readers to engage with your blog and social media channels, don’t forget to reciprocate and take initiative to do the same!

Reach out to other writers that share a passion for your unique topic and build a relationship with a fellow explorer. A community is pivotal in growing your blog and brand. They provide support and help, contribute to ideas, and help make your blog come alive!

Nice france

Couchsurfing friends

Nice france

Couchsurfing friends

10. Stay true to yourself and stick with It

So, you may not get one million followers in the first week, but even if you get just one, aren’t you accomplishing what you set out to do? If one reader loves your voice, they’re likely to share your site.

Having a smaller group of diehard followers can be just as fun and exciting as having 10,000 followers that meander through your blog without actually reading what you have to say.

Stick with it. It takes time to establish your reputation and have enough content for readers to share and appreciate.

The most important thing to do is it have fun and continue travelling. Get out there, meet people, take great pictures, and share your experience with the world. Take the time to listen to everyone’s story and you will learn more than you may expect.

If you’ve considered creating a blog, make today the day you do it. And make tomorrow the time to hit the road with a camera, a journal, and an open mind.

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