When planning to travel, whatever the destination, it is always important to make sure that everything is thoroughly considered. Every element of the plan should be part of a comprehensive look at the whole experience that you wish to have.

When looking to travel to my hometown Singapore, you will also need to cover your bases to make for an unforgettable experience that is free from hassles.

vanity set, yotel singapore hotel reviewSingapore is a city and country that is located off the tip of the Malaysian Peninsula. The country goes by the name Republic of Singapore.

There is a fair amount of work that has to go into planning a flawless holiday here especially if you only have a few days. Here are some of the steps you need to take to ensure a well-deserved Singapore holiday!

First Things First

Before you set out on holiday to any country, there is a need to make sure that the logistics pertaining to your trip are in order. Apart from having a valid passport, you also need to take care of the following:

1. Visa

While travellers from most countries don’t require visas to travel to Singapore, certain countries still do. If you want to save the trouble of doing it on your own, you can go through a Singapore tour package to help you go through the process.

2. Travel Insurance

It’s never advisable to go on a holiday trip without the necessary cover, even for a low-risk destination such as Singapore. Make sure you have cover for medical care and other mishaps that may occur on your Malaysia tour such as missing flights or theft.

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3. Book your stay

Village Bugis Hotel's Made-In-Singapore swimming poolBook accommodation well in advance as Singapore receives a lot of tourists and business travelers all year round.

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4. Prepare important documents

Get all important documents scanned such as passport, flight tickets, and driving license and carry them with you or upload to Dropbox/ your cloud as you may need them in the event of an unforeseen emergency such as when your luggage gets stolen.

5. Medication

You must also make sure that you have valid prescriptions for any drugs that you intend to bring with you on your trip.

Packing for Singapore

Singapore night city skylineThe first step to enjoying a sweet holiday anywhere in the world is knowing what to pack.

When planning a Singapore tour, the first important bit of information that you ought to know is that the country experiences consistent weather throughout the year. Temperature averages 27ºC and rains are a feature all year round with humidity sometimes making it feel a little hotter.


Supertree Grove

When packing, you must always include some swimwear, sun gear, mosquito repellent, water bottle, travel adapter, anti-perspirant, and a sturdy day pack.

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In terms of clothing, include summer clothing such as t-shirts, as well as some semi-formal clothing that is line with the dress codes at most of the country’s upmarket restaurants and rooftop bars.

You must also include hats and sunglasses to block the sun as you traverse the big city! You will not need any heavy-duty footwear unless you plan on going hiking. If so, I’ve included a link below that details how you can pack for your hiking trip!

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singapore street shophouse

Roaming Singapore’s streets.

It is also important to remember that Singapore is a bit pricey when compared with other destinations in Asia. It goes without saying that you must take every opportunity to save, especially if you are travelling on a budget.

You can easily escape a lot of issues by going for a prepackaged Singapore Malaysia tour packages that cover all your itinerary. If you are looking for such tour packages, be sure to check the itinerary to ensure that it covers all vital aspects of your travel such as flight and accommodation.

Bon voyage!

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