Anyone travelling on a budget, alone or otherwise, can take advantage of what timeshare rentals have to offer.

What is a timeshare rental and how do they work?

Most people are familiar with timeshares. If you aren’t, a timeshare is exactly what it sounds like – a share of time at a resort.

Rather than owning a vacation home, you get to visit a resort annually and enjoy ownership perks without the costly and labour-intensive maintenance associated with owning a year-round real estate property.

Sometimes, timeshare owners are unable to visit their vacation ownership accommodations in a given year. Instead of just letting the week go to waste, they will rent out their timeshare at a low cost to cover their yearly maintenance fees.

Owners will rent out timeshares on reputable online marketplaces, like SellMyTimeshareNow.com for example. There, interested vacation renters like you can search through the inventory to find the timeshare rental that suits your travel needs by using filters to narrow results by destination, travel dates, unit size, resort, and even price range to ensure you find the perfect accommodation for your solo trip.

A luxury getaway that a solo traveller CAN afford!

I find when traveling alone, I not only want to stick to my budget, but I want to cut costs whenever possible. This is why I’ve considered hostels or even couchsurfing so that there is more money for excursions, food, transportation, and other travelling expenses.

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While I’ve found these to be great options, and even met some friends through these types of accommodation, they’re not particularly luxurious.

That’s why timeshare rentals can be a welcome change as they offer elements of luxury while also being incredibly affordable for all budgets; so much so that they are less expensive per night than surrounding area hotels, allowing travellers to indulge in a more high-end vacation experience without the expensive price tag.

All the amenities you need and then some

Don’t think you need to totally rough it just because you’re travelling by yourself? Timeshare rental accommodation offer you homey conveniences like full kitchens, full bathrooms, in-unit laundry machines, private patios, and spacious living areas for when you just want to sit back and unwind from a full day of exploration.

Timeshare rentals can come in spacious multi-bedroom suites, but if you’re a solo traveller like me, a studio or a one-bedroom offers plenty of room and features to keep you comfortable throughout your trip…and it’s usually more affordable to go with fewer bedrooms anyway.

In addition to the suites themselves, staying at a timeshare rental gives you access to all the same resort amenities as a timeshare owner, such as swimming pools, fitness centers, on-site restaurants, and concierge services. These are things you won’t find when you choose to stay in a hostel or crash on someone’s couch.

Spend more time exploring a single destination


Waimea Canyon, Kauai, Hawaii

If you choose to take a trip alone, you are probably looking to maximize your time exploring the surrounding area. Timeshare resorts are located in the heart of top destinations including hotspots like Las Vegas, Kauai (Hawaii), and Miami (Florida), making it easy for you to visit the area’s top attractions.

And if you want to check out lesser-known, local favourite attractions, chat with the resort concierge for guidance on where to go during your stay.

Some resorts will even offer free shuttle service to popular sites and attractions.

Rather than jumping around from destination to destination, you can spend a week in an affordable timeshare rental, with plenty of cushy amenities, and truly get to know and experience a destination of your choice.

You can find timeshare resorts virtually anywhere in the world, giving you endless opportunities for places to travel and explore.

Should you book a timeshare rental?

If you want inexpensive but not cheap accommodation with useful amenities, added features and services, in top destinations, then you should absolutely look into booking a timeshare rental for your next solo vacation. It’s an option I’m certainly considering!

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