Captured some of New York’s emotions on my trip there last December. The city contains a whole gamut of emotions – black, white and everything in between.

In the 2 weeks I was there, I encountered a large scale protest, a girl who sat beside me telling me she could see a ghost behind me (I was honestly freaked out) and witnessed the joy of a girl seeing snow for the first time in her life.


Central Park, the park set right in the heart of the bustling buildings.

New York City Aerial View


Colourful (and extemely talented) buskers wowing the crowd with their stunts at Central Park. (Man behind is about to jump across the girl in yellow.)


Chasing the sun.


Excited girls posing in front of one of many Brooklyn’s street art.


Nothing beats having company on cold wintry days.

New York City

Or an umbrella to share with.

New York City

Even a statue can do for mock company, no?

New York City

A retiree sets up a booth selling souvenirs and regales his life story to us about how he overcame the stigma of a black man marrying a white woman.

New York City

The man behind NYC’s streets.

New York City

It takes courage to stand up for your beliefs.


3-16 December 2014
Isabel Leong

Isabel Leong

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