I’ve been meaning to post about the places I’ve been but I’ve been travelling pretty intensely recently. My recent trips that are slated to be up include:

  • Belgium- Ghent, Bruge, Brussels, Antwerp
  • Spain- Barcelona, Granada, Malaga, Nerja, Seville, Ronda
  • Portugal- Lisbon, Porto, Sintra

Each post takes a massive amount of time because I spent copious amounts of time recalling, researching and providing local/ experienced tips for readers who may be thinking of visiting those areas. These posts are platforms for me to share my thoughts and experiences related to each place. Every picture is handpicked and every word is enunciated to breathe life to my pictures. A post full of pictures bereft of words is like a glass emptied of water. It doesn’t help that the wifi in my dorm is so slow that each picture takes eons to load.

Back in my dorm for a short 4 days before heading out of France once again. My next trips are:

  • Germany- Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich, Nuremberg, Ulm, Heidelberg, Rothernburg
  • France- Strasbourg, Colmar
  • Czech Republic- Prague
  • Italy- Venice, Florence, Pisa, Rome, Cinque Terre

Scooting off for my next adventure! ‘Til then! 🙂

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