Krabi On A Budget – USD121 for a 5D4N Holiday!

Phranang Cave krabi-guide-cheap-budget-5d4n-holiday

Looking for what to do, where to stay and places to visit in Krabi? You’re in the right place!

A good friend of mine just returned from his summer holiday to Krabi. He was filled with enthusiasm as he regaled how rejuvenated the Krabi beach trip had been for him, and most of all, how he managed to saved so much while experiencing all that Krabi has to offer. Here’s Luqman’s tale:

I’ve been to so many beautiful cities and towns all over Southeast Asia over the past 5 years, be it alone for recreational trips or with friends for some thrilling adventures. Krabi however has been one of my favourite places so far. The sand, the sun, the sea, the sunset, the food, the people – everything added up really nicely for me!

Tup Island krabi-guide-cheap-budget-5d4n-holiday

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Things to do in Krabi, Thailand



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There can be as many things to do in Krabi or as little as you want, depending if your purpose here is for exploration or relaxation.

Phranang Cave krabi-guide-cheap-budget-5d4n-holiday
Phranang Cave

1. Island-hopping in Krabi

Weeks prior to my trip, I consulted my friends who have been to Krabi before on what I should expect there. They recommended me to purchase my Krabi island tour tickets straight from the tour vendors at the airport, which was exactly what I did. There are many different booths there and you could browse through a couple of them to get a rough idea on the prices for the same packages. I was surprised that you could even bargain to less than half the original quoted price.

I also went to look at the prices set by the tour vendors along Ao Nang beach, but there wasn’t a stunning difference in prices, although there are way more options to choose from over here. These stalls are mainly concentrated along the Ao Nang Beach Walking Street. Be prepared to be approached by them as you walk past them.

Wherever you purchase your tour packages from, make sure you bargain, and bargain hard! You could be shameless like me and go for less than half the original quoted price!

4 island tour boat krabi-guide-cheap-budget-5d4n-holiday

I purchased the 4 Island Tour Krabi by long tail boat from Barracudas Tour, and that only costed me 450 Baht/SGD18.44 (excluding the mandatory National Park fees of 400 Baht/SGD16.39). Travelling alone was a little intimidating at first, but everyone I met along the way was so nice to me, offering to help me take photos and food!

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The 4 Island Tour includes a tour of Phranang Cave, Tup Island, Poda Island as well as snorkelling around Chicken Island. The tour starts at 9am and ends at 3pm, with food and refreshments being provided by the vendors on the long tail boat throughout.

There are other Krabi tour options to choose from:

  • Phi Phi island tour from Krabi by speedboat – 650 Baht/SGD26.64
  • Hong island tour from Krabi by long tail boat – 450 Baht/SGD18.44

Tip: When you book a tour package, the vendors will usually provide a bus to fetch you to the beach and back to your accommodation afterwards, thus I saved some money there, too! Be sure to check with them when you purchase the tour packages!

2. Chill by one of the best beaches in Krabi

Ao Nang Beach krabi-guide-cheap-budget-5d4n-holiday
Ao Nang Beach

If you just want to relax by the beach, I strongly recommend you to purchase a 2-way ticket to Railay beach. You could even go there to do hiking, rock climbing at Tonsai beach, swimming in a little hidden lagoon or play in the clear blue waters. These are some of the best beaches in Krabi.

The cost for the trip from Ao Nang beach to Railay beach is 200 Baht/SGD8.20 (non-negotiable).

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Be sure to purchase the return ticket from Ao Nang beach or you might have to pay more to the boatmen from Railay.

3. Visit Krabi Town’s Night Market and other night markets in Krabi

Chao Fah Night Market krabi-guide-cheap-budget-5d4n-holiday food shopping
Chao Fah Night Market

No food-lover can miss this weekend market. Watch how locals interact with food vendors, and be spoilt for choice at the smorgasbord of different food and souvenirs operated by the Thai locals. This is also the place to put your haggling skills to the test!

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Accommodation in Krabi



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Hostels are my favourite choice of accommodation as I get to meet up with more like-minded backpackers, thus I decided to stay in 2 different hostels to explore the 2 major towns in Krabi – Krabi Town and Ao Nang. I found both accommodations on Agoda and even cross-compared the prices to other sites like Hostelworld.

Where to stay in Krabi Town

snoozz hostel krabi-guide-cheap-budget-5d4n-holiday
Snoozz Hostel

Krabi Town is one of the best places to stay in Krabi, only because it is so affordable and so central to most attractions.

In Krabi Town, I stayed in a nice, spacious 14-bed hostel called Snoozz Hotel, located near most of Krabi Town’s popular attractions such as the Krabi Town Night Market, Chao Fah Night Food Market, Chao Fah Pier, and Thara Park, a local park where you can visit to exercise, play local sports such as Sepak Takraw, play football or volleyball, or just watch the sunsets.

You can stay at this hostel for SGD9/night, and it was a real steal! They have really friendly staff, very clean facilities and a nice café and library at Level 1. I would definitely recommend a stay here! Apart from single-bed rooms, Snoozz Hotel also offers private rooms at a slightly higher price, if you want a little more comfort.

Check prices on Hostelworld.

Where to stay in Ao Nang

In Krabi’s Ao Nang, I stayed in a beautiful 8-bed hostel called Sleeper Hostel, which was within walking distance from Ao Nang beach and the Daily Night Market, as well as many popular beach pubs, massage places and restaurants. It was also only 7 minutes away from the Ao Nang Walking Street, where you can find numerous food options, tour packages as well as souvenirs and clothes.

Here at Sleeper Hostel, I got the chance to meet so many amazing and friendly backpackers that came from Australia, UK, Italy and even Argentina. We hung out so much for meals and other activities, that I don’t remember a time when I was alone here at all!

Also, each morning, I get to wake up to a perfect view of beautiful green cliffs right outside my room window. For SGD10/night at Sleeper Hostel, there is no reason why I would not come back here again! 😊

If you’re looking for a hotel stay, top hotels in Krabi include Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Krabi (from SGD210), Rayavadee (from SGD471), Krabi La Playa Resort (from SGD77), Golden Beach Resort (from SGD73) and The Tubkaak Krabi Boutique Resort(from SGD234).

Depending on whether you are looking for Krabi beach resorts, hotels near the beach or luxury 5-star hotels in Krabi, you can narrow down your search further from your preference.

Check out prices on HotelsCombined, Agoda and

Cheap Flights to Krabi

I booked my flights from Singapore to Krabi 2 months in advance using Skyscanner. A one-way flight to Krabi by TigerAir only costed me SGD61 including air taxes (it was only one-way for me because I had a few other places I was visiting after Krabi as well). If you were to purchase a return ticket from Krabi to Singapore, you can get them for as cheap as SGD80, depending on the flight carriers, seasonality and timings.

If you have time to spare, check out all the deals that different flight carriers may have too!



Get the full Krabi map with all the bookmarked attractions!


Getting around Krabi

ao nang beach sunset krabi-guide-cheap-budget-5d4n-holiday
Ao Nang Beach’s sunset

From Krabi airport to Krabi Town

Being the thrifty boy I am with very little bags to carry, I decided to go for really cheap transportation options in Krabi. I took a public bus from the airport to Krabi Town. They charge a non-negotiable fee of 90 Baht/SGD3.69 that leaves every 15-30 min and you can get these tickets from one of the counters at the airport.

If you come in a bigger group and would like to travel more comfortably, you can get a private taxi instead for 500 Baht/SGD20.49 in total because the bus can get cramped.

From Krabi Town to Ao Nang

I then took a public van, also known as a song thaew, which was white in colour, to go from Krabi Town to Ao Nang. The driver charges a non-negotiable fee of 50 Baht/SGD2.05 for the open-air van that accommodates about 10 people and arrives every 15 min or so at selected stops in Krabi Town. If you’re not sure where the van pick up points are, just ask any locals or your hostel staff!

Go for the WHITE van only – there are times when you see a private red van fetching people to different places and they will charge you exorbitant fees for the same journey. The driver was really nice – nice enough to send me to the door step of my hostel in Ao Nang. Just be sure to let him know the exact address of your accommodation!

From Ao Nang to Krabi airport

Finally, I booked a private van, equipped with air-conditioning, for my ride from Ao Nang to Krabi International Airport at 150 Baht/SGD6.15. You have to purchase the tickets at least one day in advance from any roadside booths or from your hostels/hotels. The journey takes up to one hour and you can choose from a range of timings based on your flight.

Food in Krabi

Depending on your appetite and budget, you can find different food options at reasonable prices! I won’t lie – I spared no expense at enjoying the Thai food that the locals had to offer.

In Krabi Town, I went to the Night Food Market and had my first dinner meal consisting of pad thai and omelette only for 70 Baht/SGD2.87.

Papaya Salad

The next night, I decided to purchase a huge seafood platter from another stall that included a red snapper cooked in green curry and seasoned with lemongrass, deep fries battered squid, BBQ grilled squid, a huge oyster omelette, yellow fried seafood noodle and stir-fried morning glory, all for 400 Baht/SGD16.39. I shared the meal with a buddy I met at the hostel.

Food in Ao Nang can be pricier if you don’t step out of the main beach area along Ao Nang Walking Street, but you can get still decent meals in restaurants for as cheap as 80 Baht/SGD3.30 per meal.

Thai Green Curry

In fact, for dinners, you can opt to try out the wide option of affordable food at the Night Market. If you don’t mind, you can purchase affordable take-away meals from roadside stalls, such as seafood tom yum noodles or shrimp pad thai for only 60 Baht/SGD2.50 – they’re often quite delicious too!



Get the full Krabi map with all the bookmarked attractions!


Total Cost of Krabi Trip

Phranang Cave krabi-guide-cheap-budget-5d4n-holiday
Phranang Cave
ACCOMMODATION (4 nights)$48.00

Of course, I did leave certain spending out, like souvenir purchases, my relentless mountains of coconut ice cream (that cost 50 Baht/SGD2.05) and Thai body massages, but if you’re able to spare an additional $50 or so, you’ll be able to enjoy a comfortable 5D4N trip in Krabi!

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Krabi Itinerary

Railay Beach krabi-guide-cheap-budget-5d4n-holiday
Railay Beach

Day 1 – Krabi Town
Day 2 – 4 island tour
Day 3: Ao Nang
Day 4: Railay beach
Day 5: Ao Nang

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Get the full Krabi map with all the bookmarked attractions!


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