We did eat regular food along the way, among them food from Waffle Meister, Nando’s, Chipotle, Whole Foods, Cinnabon. However, as our sole purpose to London wasn’t exactly for food, we only went to these 2 more prominent ones, Duck & Waffle & Caravan (Cafe) King’s Cross. We also went to Borough Market, Camden Town, and tasted the cosmopolitan street food at Brunswick Centre, as documented below.

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Duck & Waffle

If you’ve heard of Burger & Lobster, this is the famous counterpart. It appears that it attracts only Asians + tourists because of the exorbitant prices. The reason why WL insists on coming here, and at 6.30 in the MORNING, was because of the panoramic & UNOBSTRUCTED view of the splendid sunrise that greeted us as we enjoyed our meal.

London, U.K.

Literally duck, waffles, eggs and maple syrup. Yes and it costs close to £20. For the view and the experience, well.

duck and waffle london | Bel Around The World

Caravan King’s Cross

Recommended by them, we had breakfast here together with Leonard and Gabriel. For starters, they roast their own coffee.

Caravan King's Cross, London

Second, they are built inside an abandoned warehouse. We now know why this cafe is so highly raved.

Caravan King's Cross, London

Caravan King's Cross, London

Sorry, couldn’t help but snap a picture of their toilet. Old fashioned taps and nice-smelling hand lotion just called out to me.

Caravan King's Cross, London

Borough Market

Situated across the bridge, away from the main district of London, is this nondescript location. There were a lot of interesting finds in this one. Foods from every stall was freshly made. The draw of this market is that it’s situated under old tracks.

borough market, london, UK

market, London, UK

market, London, UK

Bakery school, anyone? It’s such an interesting concept because the windows are fully transparent. I’ve never seen a bakery school in action before. There were old and young bakers in action inside. They were all learning baking on equal grounds, regardless of age and gender. We chanced upon this on the outer perimeters of Borough Market.

Bakery school, London, UK

Bakery school, London, UK

Brunswick Centre

It was a Saturday and there are a lot of food markets open on the weekends. This is one of them. They sold a wide array of food from every different continent, such as:

Japanese Food, London, UK

Japanese Food

Korean Food, London, UK

Korean Food

Portuguese Food, London, UK

Portuguese Food

Empanadas are stuffed pastry that has its origins traced to Portugal.

Italian Food, London, UK

Italian Food

Camden Market

This is my favourite market of all. Camden Market gave us a reason to step out of the main zone into the 2nd zone of London. It was also where I found Poundland! I came across Poundland in Bristol but never knew London had them too! In Zone 2, prices are significantly cheaper. Buildings are significantly older too.

I was really looking forward to coming to Camden after seeing the rows of colourful houses in pictures. I really have a thing for colourful houses and so I’m heading to Burano Island (beside Venice, Italy) in May, and Colmar (south of Strasbourg, France) in April to check out these rainbow decks of houses too!

When you step foot onto Camden town, my, you’ll be blown by the explosion of colours and their creative displays of action figures. It’s a long stretch of road, so don’t stop at the beginning! There are several markets along the way, including one for Arts & Crafts, Stables Market and Camden Lock Market.

Camden Town, London, UK

Camden Town, London, UK

London, UK

It is like Singapore’s Bugis Street but with several of such streets combined together. What’s a shopping street without food? When we walked into the food market, we were OVERWHELMED with the amount and variety of food. They have deep breath Venezuelan, Polish, Columbian, Malaysian, Mexican, Turkish, Dutch, Italian, Brazilian, Peruvian…. Overwhelmed is an understatement.

Food, London, UK

Making of churros from scratch (below) then stuffing the churro with either Nutella or Caramel!

Food, London, UK

Food, London, UK

Food, London, UK

Another of an indoor market that we went and we saw these vintage cameras on pushcarts. I was so intrigued by it!

Cameras, London, UK

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What left a deep impression on me while passing by the shops was one particular shop (with no photography allowed) that sold letters that are formed by shapes of architectures/ shadows/ regular things. So if you look at the Eiffel Tower, that’s an “A”. A lamp post could be a “R”. A clock could be an “O”. Get the idea? It was plenty imaginative fun trying to decipher the words of the photographs. Such creativity opens my dormant imagination to look at regular sights in a different way.

Growing up in a stifled, orderly country where learning is at face-value and education looks at hard facts, these creative encounters help open up my mind to notice the subtle beauty of even the simplest things.

Camden, London, UK

We caught a band playing by the river and there was a horde of diehard fans bobbing their heads up and down, clearly enjoying the moment. UK music festivals are quite phenomenal, if ever you can catch one!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpfFwFuvKMs&w=560&h=315]

Of course, the places that I went are by no means exhaustive. I’ll leave it to the London veterans to provide a more holistic and comprehensive guide to food and travelling in London.

From my observation in the UK, the Brits definitely dress in more colour than the French. They are also well into the health-conscious vibe, with many of the food items being plastered with words such as “organic”, “whole food”, “gluten-free”, “natural”.

On that note, they are more environmentally conscious too. They are rather strict with the recycling of glass bottles and the separation of different types of recyclables. I read on the news that in Bristol, some buses are powered by poop! Don’t know how that works, but these buses are running perfectly!

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