How To Save on Accommodation and Transport While Travelling!

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In between researching and travelling this past 6 months, I’ve found little tricks that’ve gone a long way to every penny I saved around Europe.

You can find out how much I spent in my visit to 55 cities, 16 countries here.
The list of countries are here.

Below shows a list of websites that I go to each time begin my travel planning. The links I’ve provided are accurate as of 4 July 15. They are written in the context of the European region.

Save on Accommodation with:

Lisbon, Portugal

  1. Couchsurfing
  2. Airbnb – Get $45 OFF with this code!
  4. Agoda
  6. HotelsCombined

Most recently, I was invited to try out their website. Sourcing for accommodation also never became simpler. While I used to open various tabs on my laptop searching for the website that offers the best accommodation deal, I now no longer have to, because of HotelsCombined.

How does HotelsCombined work?

They compare top accommodation sites (such as, Expedia, and Agoda) and present the best offers with just a click of a search button. They also offer a best-price guarantee, which means they promise to return the difference to you if you find a lower rate somewhere else. It sure makes the search for accommodation less time-consuming now.

Save on Transport with:


  1. Rome2rio– finds the available routes from Point A to Point B by all forms of transport
  2. Skyscanner– ranks the airlines that serve Point A to Point B by price
  3.– shows bus timings and prices all in one organised page
  4. Budget airlines e.g. EasyJet, RyanAir
  5. Cheap bus companies e.g. FlixBusMegaBus (think €1.50 buses)
  6. Carpooling

Helpful tip: Clear your caches and cookies and open your browser in incognito before surfing through the above websites.

Other money-saving tips:


  • Book major transports in advance. I’d say 2 months or longer.
  • Do your travel planning homework
  • Hitchhike
  • Couchsurf
  • Walk instead of taking the public transport
  • Cook more

2015-03-15 15.25.18

hamburg free tour group photo

  • Rise early to queue for tickets if you want to save on online booking fees, if time is on your side. My boyfriend & I rose to queue for Alhambra in Granada, Spain at an ungodly hour of 6am in the morning! On a better note, we had the whole of Alhambra to ourselves!
  • Be open to not having to booking your accommodation right in the heart of the touristic centre.
  • Use ShopBack when booking flights/ hotels/ transport to get money back! Learn how in this post: An Even Cheaper Way To Travel With ShopBack!

For exchange students:

  • Ask around for past seniors who’ve been to your school the previous semester for any household & toiletries donations. Why would they want to carry their household items back to their home country?


  • Talk to local students. They are the best people to give you advice on local student perks.
  • Look up Facebook groups for communities for students. Sometimes you can find cheap deals, other times you can get really handy student tips for navigating and surviving in your exchange school

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25 Replies to “How To Save on Accommodation and Transport While Travelling!”

  1. I always keep a bag of nuts on me- it means that I don’t spend money on snacking all the time- definitely works out cheaper!

    1. Haha I love nuts! Thanks for sharing this great tip! I’ve been following your travels on IG for the longest time already – love it!

  2. Keep this in mind.

    1. Hope it helps you in planning for trips!

  3. That’s really helpful! It’s amazing to know about your travels! 🙂

    1. Thank you Aishwarya! I hope it helps you! Are you headed anywhere next? 🙂

  4. I love Airbnb. It has helped us get some amazing places at a great rate!

    1. Not only that, you get to see how a local home is really like. 🙂 it’s gaining massive popularity everywhere!

  5. This is very good to know!

    1. Thanks Dara. 🙂

  6. This is a really helpful post, especially when every penny counts. Planning is one of my favorite parts of a trip. It seems like you feel the same way!

    1. Oh yes it sure is! I’m an organized person and I don’t like to waste time on the road figuring what to do, so I always plan for my trips. Besides, the fun also comes from learning about others’ adventures!

  7. I always use to find accommodation. Hostels are where it’s at 🙂

    1. Hell yeah. Haha. Airbnb is one of my top choice when looking for accommodation too. If I’m travelling alone, I tend to Couchsurf!

    1. You’re welcome Rutuja, hope it has helped you in some way! 🙂

  8. I had never heard of the Rome2rio before, and now I’m totally bookmarking their site!

    1. I’m glad you finally know about it! It saves a major load of hassle, I can swear by it! 😀

  9. That last tip is so awesome! Talking to students…why didn’t I think of that? Great pointers, thank you!

    1. I’m a student myself so I know best. This trick always works!

  10. Awesome tips! I need to start checking airbnb more instead of just doing hotels.

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  12. […] How To Save on Accommodation and Transport While Travelling is a list that I go to for the cheapest resources available. […]

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