Nerja & Malaga – Day Trip from Granada, Spain

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Nerja Malaga Spain map

Took a day trip to Nerja & Malaga from Granada.


Nerja, Spain

Nerja used to be a fishing village, but now it has been transformed into a town with a population of 22,000. Sitting at the eastern tip of Malaga’s Costa del Sol, it boasts of 16 km of beaches.

Nerja, Spain

Nerja, Spain

The old quarter of Nerja town is still virtually unchanged with narrow, winding streets, whitewashed houses with wrought iron terraces. The town has resisted much developments of high-rise apartment blocks, preferring to stay a charming seaside town, attracting holidaymakers dreaming of sandy beaches and coastal villages.
Nerja, Spain

Nerja, Spain

What to see in Malaga, Spain

1. Balcón de Europa, the “Balcony of Europe”

Nerja, Spain

A promenade stretching along the edge of Nerja’s soaring cliff top, which was once the location of a Moorish castle. The platform has spectacular panoramic views of the Mediterranean coastline, with its backdrop of mountains.

Nerja, Spain

From the promenade, there are stairs leading down to a beach. We ambled down to take in what Nerja is famous for, its beaches!

Nerja, Spain

& you might guess.. to fiddle with the rocks dotting its coastline.

Nerja, Spain

Nerja, Spain

Nerja, Spain

2. Nerja Sunday Market/Flea Market/Car Boot Sale

Nerja, Spain

It is located near urbanisation Almijara II. The market ‘Rastrillo’ is signposted from the centre of town. It takes 20-30 min to hike up  from the centre of town to this location.

The market usually gets going between 08:30 and 09:00 and everyone starts packing up at around 14:00.

3. Nerja Caves

A trip to Andalucía would not be complete without a visit to the Nerja Caves, one of Spain’s most popular and spectacular historical sites.

They are a series of huge caverns stretching for almost 5 km and home to the world’s largest stalagmite, a 32m high column measuring 13m by 7m at its base.

There are three Galleries – Show Gallery, Upper Gallery and New Gallery – with each gallery containing a number of Halls. The Upper Gallery and New Gallery contain many of the prehistoric cave paintings, but tourist access to these areas is limited to special groups.


Malaga used to be under the Moorish occupation. It is famed for its rich architectural history, Mediterranean cuisine, outstanding local wines and beautiful sandy beaches as well as being the birthplace of Picasso.

With its historical monuments, atmospheric little streets and squares with delightful café culture, we couldn’t help but saunter around with the crowd. We found really cheap 1€ beer and tapas. The main street to head for runs perpendicular to the stunning tree lined avenue, the Alameda, and starts at the Plaza Marina, near the port. Calle Marqués de Larios is also a bustling, pedestrianised chic area with many boutiques, designer shops and classy cafes.

Thanks to a recommendation from a local sharing the table with us, we visited one of Malaga’s famous beaches, the Malagueta beach.

Malagueta beach-Malaga, Spain | Bel Around The World

Due to time constraints, we didn’t visit Malaga’s landmarks. Some famous sites in Malaga include the Moorish Alcazaba fortress, dating back to 1065, an archaeological museum Castillo de Gibralfaro which is also another Moorish castle and Museo Picasso Malaga.

Granada to Nerja by ALSA bus: 13.36€ (could be cheaper if you book in advance)
Nerja to Malaga by ALSA bus: 4.52€
Malaga to Granada by carpooling: 8.40€

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5 April 2015, Sunday


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  1. Nice pictures! 🙂 Loved picture number 5 😀

    1. Hello Casa, thank you! It means a lot! 🙂

  2. Retired and living in Nerja for the last five years, you’ve found a lovely spot to visit indeed! The hiking in the beautiful mountains surrounding Nerja is fantastic! Once a year there’s a long day’s hike starting from Frigiliana, the White Pueblo villaege above Nerja, that goes over a mountain pass and ends in Santa Fe, the old weekly market town outside Granada.

    1. Yeah I noticed not many tourists come by here. Plenty of locals around. It’s a fantastic place to retire in. You’re one lucky man!

  3. Wow! Really nice pictures and some great secret tips about Nerja!

    1. Thanks Matthias! Have you been there yourself?

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