Paris, France- Spring Edition!

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Off the (severely) beaten touristy tracks.

Of life, vibrance, and excitement!

I absolutely love these set of photos! So inspired by the lovely sunny weather and the life that people are now exuding. Everything looks so incredible, from the advertisements to the otherwise monochromatic Seine.


Paris had been my first destination of the exchange. Yet, I catch myself wondering why I had been unable to muster the effort to write a Paris post, despite diligently noting down the places I went, bookmarking the places that every visitor MUST see in Paris. (I’ll still write a separate post on that, soon.) I now know why. Paris in winter is lacklustre.


In between post-exam and before my final France departure, I knew I NEEDED to pay Paris a visit, even if I’ve already played tourist on 2 other occasions earlier this year. If not for its spring colours, then it is to bid farewell to the city that holds a special place in my heart. You know how it is with your firsts..


I was especially fortunate to have the best company & the best weather over the weekend. Thank heavens! Everything set into place without a glitch; I even managed to find a Couchsurfer for the night, and relived living the French way. (I got to taste homemade Quiche Lorraine too, alas!)

Looking at these pictures make me feel so alive as I felt there and then. I hope it lifts your spirits after seeing them too!











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*IMG_2049.JPG bw version-1














So I wonder, does Paris have this effect on you too?


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