Renting your own luxury villa can bring you a variety of benefits such as freedom, privacy, comfort and a lot more. It can become your home away from home, but not always!

Choosing the wrong villa can seriously impact your budget. Furthermore, tourists have to be careful while booking their accommodation as many places are not upfront about their facilities, which can ruin your entire trip and leave you feeling, stressed and exhausted.

These are some quick and easy tips for choosing the perfect Greek villa for a trip that is luxurious and memorable. Have a look!

Select the Location

santorini greece oia Perfect Greek Villa

Many luxury Greek villas are located next to the beach or further inland, offering breath-taking views of the city or the Mediterranean Sea.

If you want a view of the sunrise or sunset over the beach right from your balcony, then choose a seafront villa.

If you are planning to visit popular tourist destinations in the city, then choose a villa that is located within the city. You will find luxury villas of all kinds in Greece.

Consider staying in locations which are close to local shops, markets, beachside cafes, roadside cafes, popular tourist destinations, archaeological sites, or have easy access to transportation.

Mykonos villas are ideal for anyone planning to visit the popular Cyclades Islands, which include 220 Greek islands.

Some islands are home to the popular archaeological ruins in Greece, whereas others offer unique landscapes, water lagoons, waterfalls, tropical forestry, and turquoise waters.

Many luxury villas are located in peaceful villages. Although you will get all facilities including personal pools, balconies, in-room food service, kitchenettes, supply of fresh fruits and vegetables etc, in these villas, you won’t be able to have easy access to an urban lifestyle.

These villas are suitable to stay if you are planning a romantic honeymoon or vacation. If you are visiting with your kids or family, then it is ideal to stay in luxury Mykonos villas that are centrally located.

Ask for Facilities, Services and Amenities

santorini greece infinity pool villa Perfect Greek Villa

Photographs of a luxury villa may make it look like royal accommodation. However, you need to carefully review the floor plan, facilities, services and amenities being offered to ensure that your stay is worth the investment.

  • Ask for the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. You need to have at least one bathroom that is accessible from the lounge or your room.
  • Ask about amenities. These may include indoor pools, spa and wellness centres, gaming areas, etc.
  • Check the size of the kitchenette and the dining area. If you are vacationing with family, you will need larger dining area. Ask for basic kitchen tools such as cutlery and tableware, electronic appliances and other supplies.
  • Almost all luxury villas in Greece have central HVAC systems. Make sure to ask about it.
  • Many luxury villas provide barbecue facilities, picnic sets, equipment for nearby recreational activities, books, toys, and computer stations. These villas are suitable for families with children.
  • Your luxury villa service may include a cook and cleaner. However, not all luxury villas provide this service.

Compare the Costs

Perfect Greek Villa santorini greece white houses

The cost of luxury villas differs based on the facilities being offered. Some luxury villas in Greece are located on popular tourist spots and therefore charge more than others. The cost of your luxury villa depends on your needs and requirements.

  • Many luxury villas provide bedding, linens or towels at extra cost. Some luxury villas also offer extra bedding for a small fee.
  • If you are visiting with children, you will need kid-friendly areas like gaming areas and playgrounds. However, if you are visiting with your significant other, you can cut the cost of your stay by choosing smaller luxury villas. You can also choose luxury villas with honeymoon facilities, such as in-house transport, in-door pools, Jacuzzi, in-house spa services, etc.
  • Not all luxury villas provide barbecue service and picnic sets free of cost.

Inquiring about the costs beforehand can help you plan a budget and your vacation accordingly. Get quotes from different luxury villas in your desired location. Compare the costs and facilities, and choose one that suits your needs and budget.

Perfect Greek Villa santorini greece blue waters

Also, compare the costs of public transport with the charges of luxury villa’s in-house transport facilities. You can choose public transport to cut down the cost of transportation, especially if you are coming with friends. Also, ask for the discount packages when choosing the perfect Greek villa. Many villas offer great discounts on packages, such as honeymoon, adventure, etc.

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