Meet one of the most humble and successful travel Instagrammer couple Xavier & Katie, more commonly known as @xkflyaway on Instagram. Coming from the USA, we speak with them on how their beautiful pictures get featured by big accounts all the time and their inspirations behind their photos. Their Instagram feed is addictive to look at!

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1. How would you describe your Instagram feed?

Bright, colorful and full of love – and hopefully inspiring for other couples.

2. What kind of shots are you usually attracted to taking?

We haven’t been to many urban places in a while, so the photos we take are usually landscape shots.

When we go to major cities, Xavier will take a ton of street shots and convert them into black & white. He posts a lot of urban pics on his page @mi5ter_x


3. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Many different things I would say… movies we’ve seen, music, and each other. Xavier is a super creative person so I try and channel into that when we go places to shoot.

4. How do you hunt for the best places to shoot when you’re in a new city?

We use Google, TripAdvisor, Pinterest for ideas, and Instagram. Also, what works really great is to talk to locals such as the owner of the Airbnb, restaurants, etc. They always know the best places to shoot.

5. Best cities you’ve enjoyed shooting to date?

We are currently in Cappadocia for our 3 year wedding anniversary and it’s been such a magical experience to see the beautiful hot air balloons every day. I don’t think it’s possible to take one bad shot here ☺️

6. Do you post-process all your photos? If so, what is your photo editing style?

We edit all photos on Lightroom. We try and keep the photos bright and colourful – that’s what makes us happy.


7. How do you keep a consistent Instagram schedule and find the time to engage with other accounts while travelling?

We usually shoot early in the morning then at night night we spend time engaging with other accounts. If we are traveling, we will usually find wifi at the airport or a cafe somewhere.

8. Everyone wants to travel infinitely, and you seem to be living the dream! How do you sustain your travels?

We saved up all our money, sold our stuff, and set out for a 1 year trip. We just try and stick to our budget, but of course it’s not always easy!

sri lanka train

9. What brands have you worked on Instagram with while travelling? What do you offer in return? Are they paid or in kind?

Yes we have worked with some amazing brands such as Daniel Wellington, Kapten & Son, Pura Vida Bracelets, Mantra Band and possibly Tree Hut, etc. Some are paid and some aren’t. We started out just having fun and posting photos of our travels. After a while, we started getting invited to some amazing hotels and Villas.

10. What is your secret to growing such massive fans and engagement?

Be yourself, do what you love, be genuine with others, and dedicate a lot of time to engage on a daily basis.

What are you currently working on for your Instagram?

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