Secrets of Famous Travel Instagrammers – Meet @zeebalife

water villa maldives Famous Travel Instagram zeebalife

The first thing you’d notice about Claudia’s Instagram feed is how consistently themed all her photos are! It makes it such a pleasure to scroll through her Instagram’s feed, @zeebalife. From Bolivia, let’s hear some of her tips and tricks to figuring Instagram out!

Famous Travel Instagram zeebalife

1. How would you describe your Instagram feed?

Blue hues, tropical places, and family oriented and hopefully inspiring others to travel more!

2. What kind of shots are you usually attracted to taking? Landscape, street photography, portraits?

We usually take mostly landscape photography with an incorporation of lifestyle, whether it is including myself, my husband and I or all of the family.

beach family maldives Famous Travel Instagram zeebalife

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3. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Instagram and Pinterest are amazing platforms to get inspiration but I always check google as well. I can spend hours just looking at a map dreaming about possible trips and even coming up with itineraries haha.

4. How do you hunt for the best places to shoot when you’re in a new city?

Before we arrive, I typically spend some time doing a thorough research scouting for locations and must see places. I check everything from Instagram, Pinterest, blogs and Trip Advisor. If I know someone who has been to the place, I also ask for tips.

5. Best cities you’ve enjoyed shooting to date?

Some places are easier to shoot then others, and one of our favorite places to shoot so far are Santorini, St Barths, and Tulum.

santorini greece Famous Travel Instagram zeebalife
Bathing in Santorini’s golden glow.
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6. Do you post-process all your photos? If so, what is your photo editing style?

Yes. We shoot in Raw and use Lightroom to edit our images in a way that they portray the original colors as much as possible. I love blue hues and tropical vibes and that is reflected in my feed and editing style.

7. How do you keep a consistent Instagram schedule and find the time to engage with other accounts while travelling?

Even though I would love to be consistent with my posting, I am not but try to be. When I am home it is easier for me to post everyday but when I travel realistically I post every second or third day. When I travel its also very difficult for me to engage with others but try my best to do so.

8. Everyone wants to travel infinitely, and you seem to be living the dream! How do you sustain your travels?

Due to the nature of my husbands work we get to travel a lot for his business and having family spread out around the world really does help.

We budget ourselves when we are at home such as not going out, we don’t drink, eating at home etc so we can save as much as we can for traveling.

With our platforms now we are invited to many amazing properties, trips and destinations as well.

water villa maldives Famous Travel Instagram zeebalife

9. What brands have you worked on Instagram with while travelling?

We have worked with almost every major international hotel chain, as well as many prestigious brands such as Amazon, American Express, and Zevia among many others. We partner with brands and services to promote their brands so the campaigns are paid.

10. What is your secret to growing such massive fans and engagement?

I believe the most important thing is finding something that works for you, and portrays who you really are and sticking to it. It is easy to get tempted to do a little bit of everything on Instagram but you should decide what is your niche, your style and what you wish to portray and accomplish with your platform.

We are all experts in some way so utilize your knowledge. And I know everyone says this but great content is crucial. There are endless amounts of bloggers and travelers to follow but if you have a professional, clean and informative feed you will stand out.

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What is the one goal you have to improve your Instagram?

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    Instagram and facebook is a thing nowadays. I personally want my photo to look good. I‘ll try to apply your tips. Thanks for sharing.

    1. That’s something I have to continuously learn too!

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