Sound of Music Tour, Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg, Austria Sound of Music

If you’re visiting Salzburg, then I’m sure you must have heard of the 1965 blockbuster movie Sound of Music!

It has captured the world by storm, and it is a film musical I remember very vividly watching when I was a toddler. The music enraptures and the scenes are gripping. It is of familial love and a love for music. The Sound of Music, when it was first released in 1959, won five Tony Awards, including Best Musical, out of nine nominations.

In case you didn’t know, Sound of Music was actually based on a true story! 

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Sound of Music synopsis

Based on the autobiography of Agathe von Trapp (the youngest child), music-loving Agathe von Trapp had been growing up blissfully with her six other siblings on an estate near Salzburg. But after their mother’s death, Agathe never spoke, much less sing, again.

When her father Georg found a new love who becomes the governess, she becomes jealous and unhappy.

It is when Agathe met Maria, who, based on the movie, came from the convent to help out the Trapp family, that she rediscovered her love for music, even when Hitler prepared the annexation of Austria and the start of WWII.

The Trapp family gave numerous concerts together to great public acclaim, making them famous for being the “Von Trapp Family Singers”.

Sound of Music Tour in Salzburg

While I was in Salzburg, taking a Sound of Music tour is a MUST. You cannot fully experience the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (yes, it’s a legitimate word, made popular by the movie Mary Poppins, who was coincidentally or not played by Julie Andrews, the girl behind Maria in the Sound of Music. Sorry I digress.) beauty of Salzburg if you miss out on this tour.

The Sound of Music tour takes you to all the filming locations of the movie, including behind-the-scenes shots and how the story was tweaked from the true story of the von Trapps.

Salzburg, Austria Sound of Music

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Sound of Music tour locations

Here are some of the landmarks that the Sound of Music tour brings you. It passes through landmarks of the Baroque city of Salzburg as well as the picturesque Lake District.

1. Mirabell Gardens

The site where the tour begins and ends. This gardens of the palace were featured in the song “Do-Re-Mi”.

Watch from 1:00 onwards to catch the gardens!

Salzburg, Austria Sound of Music

Salzburg, Austria Sound of Music

Mirabell Gardens | Bel Around The World Salzburg, Austria Sound of Music

2. Leopoldskron Palace

This lake was made famous by the boating scene held at the Captain’s backyard in the movie.

Salzburg, Austria Sound of Music

Salzburg, Austria Sound of Music

3. Hellbrunn Palace’s Gazebo

The gazebo was featured in the song “Sixteen Going On Seventeen”. It was taken down after filming, but rebuilt for fans of the movie!

Salzburg, Austria Sound of Music

4. Nonnberg Abbey

Nonnberg Abbey sound of music salzburg

This is an active convent today. In the real Sound of Music story, Maria got married to the Captain here. The Abbey currently does not allow visits within, but you can visit their Gothic church or attend their church services.

5. Salzburg Lake District

This is my favourite part of Salzburg, an open panorama filled with nothing but green, spring grass, surrounded by Lake Fuschl and Lake Wolfgang.

sound of music salzburg
A spry old man who was travelling alone as part of the tour. Love how classic he looks and mostly, his hat!

sound of music salzburg

6. Mondsee

Visited this village and their Cathedral. Be sure to try out their apple strudel, which they so claim to be famous for!

sound of music salzburg

Salzburg, Austria Sound of Music

Salzburg, Austria Sound of Music

7. Mozart Bridge

I never knew I was a fan of Sound of Music until I saw this bridge with my very eyes. The scene of the little kids peering over the bridge into the river remains striking in my mind.

sound of music salzburg
Obviously very exhilarated.
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Throughout the bus ride, my faint memory of the musical was refreshed as they replayed the songs and parts of the film. Watching Salzburg pass me by outside the window while listening to the melodious sounds of the film was an incredibly emotional experience for me.

I was so wrapped up with counting my blessings of being able to experience this.

sound of music salzburg

The Sound of Music Tour by Panorama Tour
Duration: 4 hours
Cost: 40€ Adult, 20€ Child
Departure timing: 09:15, 14:00

19 June 2015, Friday


Disclaimer: This post was written of my own volition, and all opinions came entirely out of my experience with them!

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  1. Great post! I just did my own post about doing a walking tour of the old city of Salzburg, highlighting a few Sound of Music spots as well, so I was really excited to read your post. I didn’t actually do the Sound of Music tour (officially), but i did end up visiting some of the points you discussed, and they were well worth it!

  2. Oh I would do this tour for sure! I always wanted to be Lisel 🙂

    1. Awww yes. Have you seen how she looks like now? Still so elegant and sweet!

  3. I love The Sound of Music. I would definitely take this tour and nerd out the entire time. Do they encourage singing on this tour?

    1. You bet! It was a chorus of voices in the bus as we moved along the acetic routes of Salzburg! One of my fondest memories of the trip!

  4. I have never watched The Sound of Music and never really plan to but what I do plan on doing is visiting Salzburg! I like that you included the cost for this trip as well 🙂 Gives me an idea 🙂

  5. Nice post, Sound of Music has been an all time favourite, I have nostalgic memories of this movie, nice to see the photos and the movie clip.

  6. Awesome tour! I was in choir and we would sing the songs from the musical during warm ups. Wonderful photos. I would love to go on this tour.

  7. I’m glad you enjoyed visiting my home country and seeing some great places in Salzburg! It’s a lovely place on earth! 🙂

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  9. I have visited Salzburg, but didn’t see as much of the city as you did! Thank you for sharing this detailed itinerary – I am excited to go back and explore more of Salzburg, Austria.

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