Planning to stay two weeks in beautiful Sri Lanka? Here’s an itinerary that will help you decide and hopefully guide you through the country and all the hot spots you MUST visit while there.

Even before you go to beautiful Sri Lanka, here are a few things you must know beforehand:

Visa in Sri Lanka

Unless exempt from a visa before arriving or on arrival to Sri Lanka, you must obtain a visa beforehand.

All visitors must hold a passport which is valid for at least 6 months. Visitors are strongly urged to use the online system to avoid the lengthy delays at the entry port.

Weather in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has two monsoon seasons which bring rains to the west and south-west coasts from May to September, and east coast to the northern regions between October and February.

Temperatures are fairly constant all year round, with 25-30ºC temperature on average and 15 – 18ºC temperature in the highlands on average.

Getting to Sri Lanka

Flights to Sri Lanka

If you’re looking to fly to Sri Lanka, here are some of the flights that go there:

Where to stay in Sri Lanka

Best Hotels in Sri Lanka

Best Villas in Sri Lanka

  • The Emperor at Crescat City, Colombo
  • Heritage Villa with Swimming Pool in Hikkaduwa
  • Aqua Dunhinda Villa in Kandy Province

2-Week Sri Lanka Itinerary

Day 1

Colombo is a city full of contrasts; it has massive colonial-era buildings, parks, lakes, temples, scenic areas and more. If you want to go out for shopping, Colombo is Sri Lanka’s fashion capital.

Want to move around the place? Ride a tuk tuk and avoid getting heat stroke in the blistering sunlight.

End your day in Colombo by going for a stroll at the Galle Face Green which is a green lawn by the sea. Watch the sunset, eat delicious Sri Lankan specialties and enjoy the environment.

Day 2

Blue Train Sri Lanka itinerary

Take the train from Colombo to Galle. A beautiful trip across the Sri Lankan coast with an amazing sea view. Galle Fort is an Architectonic masterpiece with many artistic shops, galleries, diners, and cafes.

If you’re feeling puckish along the way, Galle is the place you can cater to your tummy and get a traditional meal, some curry, rice, daal and more.

Day 3 – 5

Mirissa has a much-laid back atmosphere. With so many beaches, the stress just goes away at this place. Very little beach vendors will hassle you, and you can swim or surf.

Packed with beautiful white beaches, you can often see dolphins and even an occasional whale. Many tour guys will be selling tickets along the beach, so you should go check the safari out.

Day 5 – 7

Tangalle Sri Lanka itinerary


Tangalle is a place where you can see wide stretches of White beaches as far as your eyes can see. Tangalle is an upgraded, even more, beautiful version of Mirissa; it’s very wild, untouched and is not very crowded.

If you’re a fan of recreating movie scenes, you can run along the beach in the afternoon, check the sea turtles, enjoy the subsets or even have a swim in the sea if you want to.

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Day 8

Elephants Sri Lanka itinerary

From Tangalle, take a two-hour drive via a taxi to the Yala National Park. Your hotel can book you a safari trip for you which includes a safari jeep with a driver, guide, and tickets. You have the option of going in early in the morning or in the afternoon.

Being of one of the most famous national parks in Sri Lanka, you can see herds of elephants, deer, crocs, buffaloes, pigs and a lot more.

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Day 8 – 10

Ella is extremely inexperienced and lush, right in the center of tea plantations, ornamented by mountains some around 2000 metres high. It really is a sleepy town with great landscapes.

Choose hikes in the mountains or visit one of the numerous tea factories and plantations in the region. We cherished this place and finished up staying a lot longer than we prepared.

Day 10

Ella to Kandy is one of the most scenic and serine trips you can experience in Sri Lanka. Get the train trip and enjoy beautiful Sri Lanka. If you have Sri Lanka tour packages, then check if this trip is a part of it.

Just viewing the transferring villages and the local people getting on/off the beach at each train station is fascinating and present you a perception of Sri Lankan lifestyle.

At each stop, suppliers selling snacks, beverages, and food can get on and off, so are there a lot of Sri Lankan specialties to enjoy.

Day 10 – 12


Famous for its Sacred Tooth Temple, the place that houses one of the most sacred and important Buddhist relics, a tooth of Buddha himself.

The experience in the temple is mystifying, atmospheric and vivid.

Day 12

Sigiriya is a gigantic, 200-meter high rock that is located in the midst of a jungle. The king’s palace was on the top of the rock and you can see the ruins when you go there.

Even though there was a 2-hour stair climb, the view was amazing.

Day 12 – 14

From Sigiriya, there is a one hour drive up to Polonnaruwa, the once capital of Sri Lanka for 3 odd centuries. Packed with temples and ruins, it’s located in the midst of a green jungle.

Rent a bike and explore the area at your own pace and behest.

SRI LANKA ROAD itinerary

At the end of the day, Sri Lanka is absolutely beautiful, scenic, mystifying and captivating all at the same time.

If you’re looking for adventure, Sri Lanka has adventure. If you’re looking for beauty, Sri Lanka has that too.

For anyone looking to experience one of the worlds’ most beautiful country, this is an itinerary that will help you through the journey.

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