Southeast Asia is fast becoming a top-rated destination for backpackers around the world. While Thailand and the Philippines are some of the most visited tourist places in the region, there is another gem of a tourist destination in this tropical region, that not many people visit – Malaysia.

Read below for a few things exotic to Malaysia that would tempt anyone to visit this beautiful country.

Street Art of Penang

Penang street art, malaysiaPenang island is off the coast of Malaysia. Hopping on a local boat or boarding a local train are the easiest ways to reach Penang.

Georgetown, the major city on the island, has numerous interactive street art which are certainly fascinating. These are a photographer’s haven and could keep photography enthusiasts engrossed for days on end.

To satisfy your holiday food cravings, there are also several food joints in the streets of Georgetown that offers exquisite Malay delicacies.

Explore the Capital

kuala lumpur, malaysiaKuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, is often proclaimed as one of the cleanest city in Southeast Asia. As soon you step into the city, you will realize that the claims are somewhat true!

This amazingly clean city holds many sights that could keep you entertained for a good few days. The Petronas Tower in the middle of the city is an iconic site. Although it tends to be a bit crowded, it is certainly a must-visit.

Apart from other regular tourist destinations in the city, be sure to visit Chinatown to get a feel for the melting pot of Asian cultures that is Malaysia. Oh, and do try out the exquisite local cuisine. You’ll certainly not be disappointed.

The Wilderness of Merapoh

Merapoh jungles, malaysiaMeapoh is located north of Kuala Lumpur, in the district of Lipis. The fascinating jungles of Merapoh contains around 400 caves. Of these 400, only 85 have been completely explored. Hence, this could be the perfect place to satisfy your thirst for adventure.

Gather your friends and head for a challenging trek to one of the unexplored caves in Merapoh.

Trekking in Bako National Park

Bako national park, malaysiaLocated in Kuching, Bako National Park is on the coast of the Malaysian mainland. You can reach it by taking a boat from the Bako village.

The national park is the best place for people who want to stay away from the crowd and enjoy nature at its finest. It has rainforests, waterfalls, secluded beaches and wildlife. In addition, there are 13 hiking trails in the national park that lead to beautiful viewpoints where you can catch a glimpse of the beauty of the national park.

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It would be challenging to cover all the trails in a single day. Hence, I suggest to camp for a night and explore the national park over a couple of days.


If you are based in Singapore and are planning to tour Malaysia, your first stop should be Malacca.

Travel by road takes only about 3 hours from Singapore to Malacca. Most of the structures in Malacca retain their original architectural style. Thus, they offer a great insight into the colonial past of Malaysia and exploring the city by foot turns the clock back to the past.

The streets of Malacca play host to a number of antique and souvenir stores in the daytime which transforms into a night market after the dusk.

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