The Extensive Guide to Paris, France for First Timers

eiffel tower night light

5th Arrondissement

Metro station: Saint Michel

1. Panthéon

Originally built as a church, it is now a mausoleum containing the remains of distinguished French citizens.

2. Shakespeare & Co

Your trip to Paris will not be complete if you don’t visit this bookstore. Along Rue de la Bücherie, it is undoubtedly the most famous bookstore in Paris, having appeared in countless of movies. *IMG_3718

Food to check out:

1. Rue de la Huchette

Another famous street lined with restaurants that is bustling all day long. You can find some of the cheapest set meals (10€) and italian ice cream (3€) here.




6th Arrondissement

Luxembourg means Latin Quarter. The 5th & 6th arrondissement are part of the Latin Quarter.

This arrondisement in particular contains some of the city’s most expensive properties, with apartments fetching an average of $1,500 per square foot.

1. Le Jardin du Luxembourg


Food to check out:

1. Les Deux Magots

Most famous cafe, owing its fame for patrons such as Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre, young writers such as Ernest Hemingway. Other patrons included Albert Camus, Pablo Picasso, James Joyce, Bertolt Brecht and the American writer Charles Sutherland. It has appeared in many movies, art and literature. Be warned, with fame comes steep prices.

2. Cafe de Flor

One of the oldest and the most prestigious coffeehouses in Paris.

3. Rue Mouffetard

A street that’s famous for drinks at night

7th Arrondissement

Also the richest arrondisement in Paris. It has an average household income of more than three times that of the 19th, the city’s poorest.

1. Les Invalides

A museum containing the military history of France, as well as a hospital and a retirement home for war veterans which were the building’s original purpose.

It stands alone very imposingly at the end of Pont Alexandre III, with its prominent golden-tiled dome roof.

Hôtel des Invalides

2. Eiffel tower

Nothing else needed to be said about this. To find out the best spots to take photos of the Eiffel Tower, read this post.

Paris, France

Paris, France


8th Arrondissement

1. Arc de Triomphe

An unmistakable monument at the end of Champs Élysées, where 12 avenues converge to.


2. Champs-Élysées

The most famous shopping street of Paris. 90% of the pedestrians here are tourists. Overrated and expensive street, if I may so say.

Paris, France

3. The Big Wheel

Ferris wheel that you also would not miss seeing on the other end of Champs-Elysees.

Paris, France

4. Pont Alexandre III

I absolutely adore the lamps built upon this bridge. *IMG_3626

5. Grand Palais

grand palais

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