Today I want to share with you my top 9 things to do in Mykonos Greece, and also share some itinerary travel tips for when you plan your trip!

Mykonos is a small island and one of Greece’s most popular destinations outside of Athens. Mykonos is a popular cruise port and one of the top islands for island hopping in Greece. People come here for many reasons, however the night life is likely the biggest attraction. You will find no shortage of places to eat, grab a drink, dance, and party.


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Greece in general is a very affordable European country. Though Mykonos is purely a tourist island (it closed and locals go elsewhere during this season), prices here are still affordable, save for a few incredibly tourist areas.

You don’t need a big budget to enjoy your time, but it does help to have extra money to spend on excursions, food, and a few drinks because this island really get’s you in the right mood to spend some cash!

With that said, let me get into my list of things to do in Mykonos!

Top 9 Things To Do In Mykonos, Greece

As you probably already know, Mykonos is an Island for everyone. You’ll never be left wondering what to do in Mykonos! Below you’ll find my top must have experiences when you journey to this amazing island.

1. See Mykonos Famous Windmills

windmills mykonos greece, things to do in mykonosOne of the most recognizable landmarks in all of Mykonos is the famous 5 windmills. This is one of the best places in Mykonos to grab yourself a travel selfie.

You’ll want to come here in the early morning if you can as anytime after that, there will be tourists littered everywhere well into sunset. You can see these windmills from many locations all around Mykonos, especially if you are elevated up.

Mykonos actually has many windmills all over the place. The main windmills, however, are where everyone goes for photos. It’s also right beside the ocean and you can’t miss it when you’re in Mykonos town.

2. Get Lost In Mykonos Town

alley streets white painted houses mykonos, greece, things to do in mykonosMykonos town is essentially the main area of Mykonos where you’ll find shops and places to eat. It’s really a maze of white buildings and getting lost is incredibly easy. In fact, if you are visiting Mykonos for the first time, you will 100% get lost.

The locals are really friendly and will help you find your way if you ask. Mykonos town is small with touristic shops where you can buy souvenirs and name brand stores like Diesel as well.

Spend your time wandering around, adoring all the beautiful flowers growing along the white buildings, stray cats, and narrow alley ways.

3. Take A Day Trip To Historical Delos

Delos is the most historical site close to Mykonos and it makes a great day trip if you are into looking at ruins and Greek history. It used to be an incredibly important part of Greek history as it served as one of the centres of religion and used to be a major port city. You can see what’s left of it by taking a day trip that costs around USD20.

4. Eat Gyros

One of the most famous foods you can eat in Greece is Gyros!

They’ve got beef, chicken, and pork for you to try. They often like to dress them up with French fries too which adds a unique twist. You can find Gyro shops all over the island. Most of them are located in Mykonos town.

Gyros costs a few euros and makes a really inexpensive way to fill your belly.

5. Party All Night In Mykonos Town

Mykonos town comes alive at night. If you didn’t know, Mykonos has a massive party scene. If you are young or really into partying, there isn’t a better island in all of Greece to party than Mykonos!

There are two main places to party – Mykonos town and Paradise beach. They are about a 10-minute cab ride away from each other. You can get between the two really easily (cab ride should be €5-10).

Partying in Mykonos town consists of bar hopping and roaming around the narrow streets. It’s really a wild and fun experience if that’s your scene. Scandinavia bar is the most popular bar to hit up. You won’t miss it in town and it’s very, very popular.

6. Grab a Bite To Eat In Little Venice

Little Venice is located right beside the windmills in Mykonos town. Nicknamed Little Venice because it looks like Venice, it’s a row of buildings along the ocean.

Grabbing a drink or food in this area is one of the best ways to experience a relaxed sunset in Mykonos. It’s right beside the beach where the sun sets. You’ll definitely pay more money to dine here. However, this is Greece, and the prices are very reasonable overall still.

7. Party On Paradise Beach

Paradise beach is a beach lined with very popular bars. They blast music that can be heard from miles away. I highly recommend visiting Paradise Beach at least one evening. You can also hop between Paradise beach and Mykonos town during a night out.

There are beach chairs to lounge in or you can move inward a little and get crazy with everyone else. It gets incredibly crowded and busy during high season (late May is when Mykonos starts to come alive). Keep in mind that drinks are incredibly expensive here!

8. Watch The Sunset Every Night

sunset mykonos-greece, things to do in mykonosGreece has some of the best sunsets you’ll ever experience. The best place to see the sun set is around the Windmills/ Little Venice area. It’s unfortunately incredibly crowded during sunset because of how beautiful it is, but it’s still my go-to spot for a sunset.

9. Rent an ATV or Scooter

If you want to get around or have a little fun on the adventure side, renting an ATV or a scooter is really easy and will help you get around the little island easier. A lot of people love to rent them and they’re a lot of fun. You will see them all around town as you roam around.

Where To Stay In Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is a small town so choosing where to stay isn’t as big of a deal if you are on a budget. You can choose to stay further away from the main town if it means saving a lot of money – you can find your way into town quickly (5-10 minutes) by calling a cab (which are inexpensive).

The best places to stay in Mykonos would be in or very close to Mykonos town, or around Paradise beach. Mykonos town will put you right in the heart of everything. Prices will be the highest to stay here.

Paradise beach is more cost effective and will put you about 10 minutes away from Mykonos town. You’ll have the crazy party beach of Paradise right at your doorstep. That also means it will be loud all day and through the night. Only stay here if you want to live the party atmosphere and can tolerate noise.

There are many hotels located all over Mykonos and most are quite similar in what they offer in terms of amenities and comfort if you are looking for budget hotels. For the best hotels in Mykonos that suit your specific needs, I recommend checking out a hotel search engine.

Best Beaches In Mykonos, Greece

mykonos-greece, things to do in mykonosThere are just a few beaches located in this area, however I feel the best beach in Mykonos is definitely Paradise beach. It will be incredibly busy during peak season, but you don’t go to Mykonos for a quiet time by the beach.

Nightlife with a beach vibe is what this island is all about – and there’s few beaches in the world that will compare to the madness of Paradise beach.

I hope you found this guide to Mykonos helpful. It’s a great little port city to spend a cruise day port in shopping and roaming around the town, or spending a few days wandering around the island, and enjoy the amazing night life it offers. I feel a few days here is excellent to get a good feel of this incredible island.

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