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Hi friends!

I just returned from my “graduation trip” in May 2016 to Philippines, New Zealand and Melbourne with my university soulmates.

I say “graduation” because I technically have one more semester to go, so I’m actually celebrating my graduation in advance with my friends. 😛 It has been a hell of a wonderful adventure, encompassing the beach (my go-to getaway from Singapore) in Philippines, gorgeous landscapes in New Zealand and cafés with food that are jaw-droppingly astounding in Melbourne.

I had never been to any of these places prior to that, so I pour my heartfelt gratitude to you guys who have lent your help and assistance in one way or another – be it through offering tips, helping with the planning and booking, tour sponsorships or providing great hospitality in a foreign land. 😆

You can get real-time updates on my colourful and exciting adventures through my Instagram @belardtheworld.

So while catching up on my posts and reminiscing my trips through the million and one photos I took, I was invited to try out and review ShopBack, a website service that offers an even cheaper option to travel.

shopback | Bel Around The World

If you’re an avid online shopper (booking airline tickets online counts too!), you wouldn’t want to miss out on ShopBack.

Here’s how ShopBack works:

Instead of merely purchasing your products/ services directly on their respective sites, go through ShopBack, because they offer you a percentage of what you spend when you make your online purchase, at no extra cost to you.

You simply have to click on any store through ShopBack and be redirected to the store’s website. After you make a purchase on the store’s site, you will be awarded Cashback in your ShopBack account. When you’ve reached a Cashback value of $10 and above, you can translate this into real money by cashing it out! I mean, no harm right?

It doesn’t sound as complicated as it is. This easy video tutorial sums it all:

With deals and discounts on over 300+ stores, you can now shop through ShopBack at your favourite websites. Well-known merchants include, Expedia, Groupon, Taobao, ZALORA and more, where you can earn up to 12% Cashback. Now you can earn money while travelling!


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