What to Do, See and Eat in Budapest, Hungary

Szechenyi thermal bath, Budapest, Hungary

In between Buda and Pest…

1. Chain Bridge




The first bridge of Budapest fortified by iron chains 380 meters long. At 14.8 meters wide, it connects commuters between Buda and Pest. Pavements are also built, so you can easily cross over by foot. As I mentioned in the opening of this post, the bridge glitters by night, spotlighting its beauty against the Danube river.

2. Elisabeth Bridge


Easily recognizeable for its slender, white cables, this is the third newest bridge of Budapest. 290 metres long, it services some of the busiest traffic in Budapest.

3. Liberty Bridge



Also crossable by foot, it connects the Great Market Hall on Pest with the Gellert Hotel on Buda, at the southern end of the city centre. Its four tall spires give the bridge a rather commanding feel.


Take all of these bridges in with a boat ride down the river. There are many boat companies along the river, so take your time to ask for the best deal. Some offer you a day pass, which means you can board the boat for an unlimited number of times.

4. Bonus: Margaret Island




A 2.5-kilometre-long island with its very own parks, thermal bath and wildlife sanctuary. Almost all motorized traffic on this island is banned, making it an ideal recreation destination for the family.


Directions to Margaret Island:

By foot - Walk along Margaret Bridge, which connects to the island directly.

By boat - Some of the boat companies offer pitstops to Margaret Island at fixed 
timings of the day. Be sure to ask about the timings as the frequency can be as 
little as 4 a day. A convenient way to reach the island as it drops you right in 
front of the island.

By tram - Tram 4 and 6 stops on Margaret Bridge. Get off at Margit híd Budai hídfő 

By bus - Bus 26 departs from Nyugati tér and the Árpád-híd metro station and 
travels through the island.

Upon disembarking the boat, a musical fountain awaits. Music is played four times a day, at 10.30 am, 5, 6, 7 and 9pm.

For a detailed guide of Margaret Island, check out Budapest By Locals’ post here.

5. Eat: Kürtös Kalács, a typical Hungarian pastry



This is a cylindrical-shaped sweet-tasting pastry. A stripe of soft dough is rolled around a wooden rod and baked over coals. The brown pastry is then rolled in sugar, cinnamon, ground walnut, almonds or cocoa. It can be found in most market halls or outdoor food fairs.


So there, this is THE list of Budapest attractions for every first-timer, without missing any of the glitz and glamour Budapest has to offer, nor the history and viewpoints of the capital.

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24 June 2015, Wed – 27 June 2015, Sat


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Have you been to Budapest? What’s your favourite part about it? 🙂

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  1. I went to that thermal bath that’s in your pictures! It was gorgeous.

  2. Budapest is one of my favourite European cities. Great photographs and an interesting read.

  3. I’ve never considered going to Budapest but your pictures make me want to. It looks like a really interesting city!

  4. Great post – I visited Budapest a few years back and definitely didn’t see half the things on here!

    1. Really?! How many days did you spend? Any plans to head back again then? 🙂

  5. Budapest was already on my bucket list, but this makes it 10x more likely to become a destination soon! Thanks for the tips! 🙂

    1. Hi Kayla! It’s a really affordable and accessible city. So what’s stopping you? 😉

  6. Your photos are amazing, definitely adding Budapest to my must see travel list!

    1. Yes you must Melanie!! Visiting Europe anytime soon? 🙂 Are you from the US?

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