Seville, Spain is in the southern part of Spain. When you’re here for this European holiday, you get to enjoy magical views and beautiful scenes of the sun. Yes, Europe can be warm and sunny, too.

Seville has so much more to offer: beyond the tunes of salsa, the warm and friendly smiles of the locals, and the tasty tapas and paella, there’s a lot you can immerse yourself in, especially since its location is an attractive gateway to the rest of the Andalusia region. You can choose from going on a culture day trip, a historical day trip, a relaxing beach sojourn, a night soiree, or even a trip for young children.

When in Seville, you should rent a car, especially when travelling as a family. Afterward, you can map your way through the best day trips from Seville that you can discover.


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Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should go on day trips outside Seville you’re in this region:

1. You Get To Indulge In A Rich Piece Of History

day trips from seville, spainThere are many cities surrounding Seville that are overlooked, but the good thing is that most of these cities can be visited all within a day’s trip. If you’re someone who fancies history or a geography-enriching trip, this is something you should not miss out on.

For instance, Carmona is half an hour away from Seville. It’s a city that has 5,000 years’ worth of history on its plate.

Apart from that, taking a walk up to the Parador will also give you some of the most spectacular and panoramic views of the Andalusia region, and even Spain as a whole. In every little alley, there’s so much about its history for you to see and explore. In fact, it’s a quaint little ciudad full of surprises.

Another beautiful city that you can visit from Seville is Cordoba. Walking around the cobblestone roads gives you a great hands-on historical experience of what life was centuries ago. Remember, Cordoba and was once the seat of power of the Iberian Peninsula.

One of the best pieces of history you can see and experience in Cordoba is its Mosque-Cathedral.

Have you ever been in a building that dates back to the 900s? And have you ever been in a mosque that was also converted into a church? In the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba, you can experience just that. Walking through the halls and columns of this majestic architecture is like walking through a history book—and the view is excellent, too.

2. You Get To Experience A Culturally-Diverse Region

Because of its rich historical background, Seville also sits in a culturally-diverse region. Here, you can learn more about Europe’s long-time history.

One of the cities that you can drive to from Seville is Jerez De La Frontera. Here, you get to see a different side of Europe. As it sits in close proximity to Africa, it’s been touched with a little bit of African culture as well. Many years back, it was also inhabited by the Moors.

There are numerous tours that you can take in Jerez that can all be done within the day, including:

Visit the local wine cellars, known as bodegas

Here, you can visit the most famous sherry in the world, Tio Pepe. This cellar was founded in 1835, making it a piece of history that you should immerse yourself in, especially if you’re the type to enjoy good wine.

Participate in the horse fair

If you visit Seville in May, it’s a must for you to take this day trip to Jerez. It’s during this time that the Horse Fair, or the Feria del Caballo, is celebrated.

At the right time, you can immerse yourself in these festivities that can last for a week. Horse riders in traditional outfits go through the town in their horses and stop at casetas for wine with friends, family, and even tourists.

Visit the Alcazar

The Alcazar dates back from the 11th and 12th centuries. Inside the complex, you will find significantly preserved Arabian baths. This was the principal defence built by the Moors against the Christian invaders during this time.

3. You Get To Enjoy Marvellous Scenery

The Southern region of Spain is beautiful, that much is certain. If you wish to enjoy beautiful 360-degree views of Spain and Southern Europe, day trips in this region is a must.

With some of the most beautiful views of the seas in this European region, Cadiz is a place to visit. When you make it to the top of this town, it’s as if you’re standing straight out of a postcard. Cadiz is a majestic city in its own right.

Additionally, it’s rich in history as well. It’s considered the oldest city in the whole of Western Europe. Way back in the day, it was the settlement of the Phonecian soldiers.

As you walk through the city streets, there’s so much you can learn about the archaeological history of Western Europe. Also, its local markets also offer you the best way to experience life and cuisine with the locals.

A trip down to Cadiz from Seville is definitely going to be an unforgettable experience.

4. You Can Cross Over To Africa

If you’ve got additional time during your holiday, taking a day trip from Seville is also one of the easiest ways for you to visit Africa—Morocco, in particular.

Colourful trinkets on the street markets, beautiful weather, a rich culture, savoury dishes—Morocco is always on the list of dream places that avid travellers want to set foot on.

If you’re travelling to Seville, a good side trip would be to visit Morocco. One of the easiest and cheapest ways for you to do this is to take a day trip from Seville to Tarifa. This town has a ferry that can take you to this beautiful African country, making your holiday even more special.

When you’re going to Seville, stay at the heart of the city. That way, you can better enjoy its culture and history, and immerse with the locals—all within your reach.

After completing all the travel essentials for your European holiday, now you can say Hola, España, hola, Seville! This quaint little city has indeed so much to offer for travellers like you.

Whether it’s a fun and relaxing day trip you’re looking for, a history lesson, or even a romantic holiday, Seville’s day trips can make you experience all of these.

And what better way for you to enjoy the views of a country than through a road trip?

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